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Fleet Dash Cameras & Vehicle Camera System

Fleet GPS dash camera systems, or dash cams, offer truck drivers and fleet managers more control over their fleet safety with features designed to increase visibility, reduce accidents, and lower collision costs.

As dash cams become more affordable compared to the past and as technology improves, it is becoming more prevalent for fleets of all sizes to install Dash Camera systems in their trucks. If you are a fleet manager or safety manager and still are not using a fleet dash cam systems, now might be the time!
The market is saturated with dash camera systems, if you need more clarity understanding dash cam costs, read our blog post here.

Below are the top Benefits that Wireless Front and Rear Dash Cams provide:

Dash Cam Benefits For Your Fleet:

Video Footage

Wireless front and rear dash cams are an extremely effective safety tool for commercial fleets. Just ask yourself how many times you wished you had a photo or video of mysterious damage or if you are a truck driver, how much easier it would be if you had a camera behind or beside the truck for decreasing blind-spots or avoiding blind spot collisions.

Wireless front and rear dash cams do just that. Front-facing fleet dash cameras capture superior-quality video of the road ahead, providing fleet managers with visibility into their operations.

A fleet dash camera system consists of front-facing cameras and rear and side cameras that capture truck blind spots. 

With today’s technology, telematics companies offer dash cams connected to a telematics solution with a g-sensor, so the system can automatically detect safety-related driver behavior events—like sudden acceleration, sudden brake, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding—and upload incident footage to the cloud, with GPS location and time. 

Events are labeled and fleet managers can view video clip events in real time or up to a week later. 

Lower Insurance Costs

Now that you are equipped with video footage, it is easier to coach drivers on risky driving events behaviors and near misses. Fleet dash camera systems have been proven to improve safety and mitigate risk. With the video evidence, you can say goodbye to faulty claims and mysterious damage. 

Insurance companies took note of this too and offer a premium discount, credit, or subsidy. 

Use this to your advantage and you can save thousands of dollars on insurance premiums. 

Increased Safety and Visibility

For a complete Fleet Dash camera system , adding side, exterior and rear facing cameras will provide fleet managers and truck drivers with 360 visibility into road operations. No more blind spots, false claims, mysterious accidents and incidents, everything is recorded and is used for your advantage.

Watch driver-facing and road-facing video footage on your phone or computer. See who the driver was, how fast they were going and the vehicle location with GPS tracking. See where your driver made a sharp turn, crossed lanes or stopped abruptly and the context to why this happened.

Evidence in Legal Disputes

Dashcam footage can serve as crucial evidence in legal disputes, providing an unbiased account of events in case of accidents or traffic violations. For Fleets with more advanced camera systems with driver facing or rear/side cameras they can even capture more angles leading up to the accident, capturing the complete picture of what happened.

Preventing Fraud

Dashcam systems act as a deterrent to fraudulent claims, helping drivers avoid scams such as staged accidents or false injury allegations.

Monitoring Driving Habits

Some dashcams come with features like driver behavior monitoring and more advanced AI features allowing fleet and safety mangers to review and improve their driving habits and improve fleet safety. Learn more about our AI2020 AI Powered Dash Cam system.

Capturing Memorable Moments

Beyond safety, dashcams can capture unexpected, beautiful, or amusing moments during your travels, creating a digital record of your journey.

Faster Insurance Claims Processing

With clear video evidence, insurance claims can be processed more efficiently, reducing the time and hassle involved in the aftermath of an incident and making insurance claims a breeze, especially when the video footage exonerates your drivers!

Vehicle Security

Dashcams with parking mode can deter theft and vandalism, providing an additional layer of security when your car is parked and unattended. Learn more about using Dash Cam systems for security purposes in our blog post about using Dash Cams to to record when the vehicle is off

Inexperienced Driver Monitoring

Parents can use dashcams to monitor the driving behavior of teenage or inexperienced drivers, promoting safe driving habits.

Lowered Stress Levels

The assurance of having a dashcam can lead to reduced stress levels while driving, knowing that any unforeseen events are documented.

In Summary:

In summary, having a dashcam is undoubtedly worth the investment for your fleet. Beyond the primary benefits of video footage, lowered insurance costs, and increased safety, dashcams provide essential evidence in legal matters, prevent fraud, monitor driving habits, capture memorable moments, expedite insurance claims, enhance vehicle and fleet security and contribute to overall stress reduction, allowing you to focus more on your business. The multifaceted advantages make a dashcam an invaluable investment for any fleet. The question now becomes- which dash cam system is right for your fleet?

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