Unifying IoT and Telematics
for a Smarter, Connected Fleet

Fleet Management • Asset Tracking • Temperature Monitoring • ELD • Dash Cam • LoRa

The Industry’s Most Complete, Most Innovative & Most Modular Fleet Management solutions Integrated With: 

ELD Compliance, LoRa, DashCams, Various IoT Solutions, Reefer Temperature Monitoring & Multiple Asset Tracking Solutions

Trusted by Fleets Worldwide
and Across Industries

IoT Telematics

Our Piccolo Platform Leads The IoT Revolution In Telematics

The Piccolo family of telematics devices brings innovation to every sector of the transportation, fleet management, and asset tracking markets. Integrated with a variety of passive and active RFID tags and IoT sensor, the Piccolo Platform enables countless IoT applications to be seamlessly incorporated with traditional tracking solutions.

For Fleet Managers & End Users

Our industry-leading GPS tracking hardware solutions, combined with our powerful Fleet.Net cloud platform, offer comprehensive GPS tracking, ELD compliance, camera, and IoT solutions. This provides both small and large fleets with the most powerful, real-time GPS fleet management and asset tracking platform in the industry.

For Integrators & Software Developers

We offer the industry’s most flexible, modular, and customizable telematics platform to meet your customers’ evolving needs. Over 150 integrators in 25 countries use the Wireless Links Piccolo Platform for GPS telematics, IoT, ELD, and camera systems, enabling them to stand out with innovative and unique solutions in their local markets.

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