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The Piccolo Platform of Fleet Telematics & GPS Tracking Devices

Wireless Links fleet telematics devices go beyond basic GPS tracking with geofencing, vehicle & fuel diagnostics, reports and more for any application whether for trucks, assets, equipment and more. You can choose from wired or wireless devices, solar or battery operated or that provide additional functionalities such as WIFI hotspot, IoT integration and much more. No matter your need,  we have a solution for you.

Piccolo STX​​ IoT

Driver behavior, CAN Bus Interface, temperature monitoring and BLE

Piccolo Plus IoT

Built-in WiFi Hotspot, Passive And Active RFID

Piccolo Hybrid​ IoT

For dual mode Trailer Tracking, Temperature Monitoring

Piccolo ATX

Battery operated asset tracking

Piccolo ATR​

Portable Rechargeable Battery

Solar Powered Portable Device

Solar Powered Wireless Temperature Sensor

Piccolo TMX

Portable battery powered temperature monitoring

IoT​ BLE Tags

For countless IoT Applications

Mini​​ IoT Tags

For Countless Asset IoT Applications

BlueLink ELD​​

Bluetooth engine diagnostic reader for ELD compliance

Fleet Telematics Platform Features

Plug & Play Telematics

Plug & Play installation with OBDII/J1939 or J1708 connector prewired to the wire harness

A Large Family Of Solutions

Our robust family of fleet telematics solutions target every market segment yet all use the exact same communication protocols.


Every Piccolo model is modular so you never pay for functions you don’t need.

No More "Me Too"

Our fleet management telematics solutions empower you to differentiate yourself in your local market by innovation, not by lower prices that lead to lower margins.

Uncompromised Quality

Our GPS Tracking & Fleet Telematics products are manufactured using class-leading electronics, combining the industry’s most advanced wireless technology with over 18 years of experience in developing innovation.

Custom Adaptations To Your Needs

We are flexible in making specific custom adaptations to meet your specific customer needs.

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API Integration

We offer intuitive and easy to use integration into your application as easy as possible. We also offer extensive documentation to help you with the integration process. We work worldwide.

*You must sign an NDA to view our API and documentation. Contact us to view and discuss your needs.

White Label & Custom Adaptations

Our fleet telematics platform can be completely white labeled and we are flexible in making specific custom adaptations to meet your specific customer needs.

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GPS Fleet Telematics FAQ

A telematics vehicle tracking system includes a GPS vehicle tracking device installed in a vehicle that captures data including GPS location, speed, idling time, harsh acceleration and braking, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, and more.

A telematics GPS device installs into your vehicle and records information including vehicle location, driver behavior, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity such as distance and speed.

Telematics vehicle tracking provides in-depth insights across an entire fleet such as reduced fuel costs, more cost-effective maintenance, enhanced safety, better fleet communication and generally a better-optimized use of resources. 

Telematics data provides insights such as GPS location, speed, idling time, driver behavior, fuel usage, vehicle maintenance reminders and more.

GPS Vehicle Tracking is part of telematics. Today the definition is interchangeable but basically the telematics device provides vehicle information and GPS vehicle tracking is one of them.