RFID Student Monitoring & School Bus Tracking System

Gain Visibility on Students Getting On & Off The School Bus and Ensure Student Safety At All Times

Managing the school bus fleet and ensuring the safety of school students is a huge challenge for any school.
Combining RFID technology with advanced GPS telematics, our powerful student & school bus tracking fleet management solution provides visibility and control over the real-time location of students and buses while providing assistance in ensuring student transportation safety. The solution helps school transport managers to communicate better with school bus drivers, know their driving patterns or violations, view the location of a school bus and receive instant warnings on exit from regular route. The School Bus solution supports schools in managing their transportation effectively:

We Offer The Following Devices To Meet your Needs and Requirements

1. Passive RFID Integrated with Fleet Management

A passive RFID reader is installed on the dashboard of the bus and is linked with the Piccolo Plus telematics device. The student’s card serves as a passive RFID card . When the student gets on or off the bus, he scans the RFID card by the reader to log the location and time of event.

School Bus RFID Reader

A wireless RFID tag (RFTag) allows for a no-touch log of when and where students get on and off buses – no action is required by the student. Each student is issued a personal RFTag with a unique ID. When students get on and off the bus, the RFTag automatically links and registers with the Piccolo Plus telematics device installed in the bus. 

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Features & Benefits

Monitor & Ensure Student Safety

Through GPS location tracking and driver behavior detection during school bus operation.

Know Where Your Students Are

Know which student got On/Off which bus and when, and detect unauthorized student boarding or duplicate usage of the same ID card.

Streamline Maintenance​

Repair bus fleet ahead of breakdowns and plan maintenance around engine diagnostic reports and alerts.

Know When & Where Your Students Got On And Off The Bus

RFID Tags associated with every child allow for immediate log of each student, so you can account when and where each student got on and off the bus and detect unauthorized student boarding or duplicate usage of the same ID card.

Ensure students are driven by the safest drivers by actively analyzing driver behavior and detecting driving violations such as sudden stops, speeding, rapid acceleration, lane crossing and sharp turns.

Geofence Boundaries

Set a geofence boundary around key locations such as a school zone, operations area, and get alerts when your vehicles exit and enter the boundary. You can even set a boundaries within a boundary!

Route History Reports

Zoom in on bus route, and at a glance know the speed and direction they were moving in. Measure and improve bus routes with rich reports and route visualizations. 

Streamline Maintenance

Schedule repairs for your bus fleet ahead of breakdowns and know when yearly maintenance is required through engine diagnostic alerts

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