Yard Management

LoRa Tracking
For Yard Management

Track your Assets Precise Location
& Create greater yard efficiency

LoRa based GPS trackers cost a fraction of the cost of cellular based asset trackers and don’t require a SIM.

Real-time data allows to easily and efficiently find your assets and reduce loss or theft.

Eliminate manual yard hunts and monitor the inventory of your assets with a push of a button.

Better streamline the movement of items and assets across your locations. 

How it works

Tag any asset with a solar powered LoRa GPS Tracker

  • Piccolo ATX2S devices, acting as LoRa gateways, are installed throughout the yard, creating a LoRa network.
  • Each asset is tagged with the Solar Powered ATL-1 LoRa Based GPS Tracker
  • The ATL-1 reads and sends via the LoRa network the precise GPS and temperature data to the Piccolo gateway that is uploading the data in real-time to the Fleet.Net Cloud.


Key Functionalities Include:


ATL-1 Solar Powered
LoRa Based GPS Tracker

As long as the ATL-1 is exposed to around 8hrs of sunlight per day, no additional charging is required for on-going operations.  

Yard Asset Visibility & Control ​

The easy-to-use cloud platform provides a visualized dashboard allowing you to easily and efficiently find pallets, machinery, containers and other assets across your yards.


inventory management reports

  • Get instant visibility and real-time inventory across all your assets and yards.
  • Automated historical movement across your assets and yards allowing you to easily keep records of leased assets

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