Fleet Dash Cams for Trucks & Commercial Vehicles 

The Most Advanced Camera System For Trucks
offering fleets 24/7 protection

A Complete Camera System for commercial fleets integrated with telematics with optional dash cam expansions including side and rear-facing cameras and in-cab monitor for an all around 360° degree view.

Easy to install with no hard wiring required and providing on-demand live view and on-demand historical video download, up to 128GB Built-in SD Storage ~ Up to 1 week of recording and offers continuous recording while the truck is switched on. Available on 4G or over WIFI connectivity.

Improve Fleet Safety

Visual confirmation that drivers are following road safety standards, such as staying focused on the road, not using their cell phones and avoiding sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding.

360° Views

Expandable to support side, rear and interior cameras and an optional in-cab monitor.

High Speed Connectivity

DashCams are available in 4G or when WiFi when paired with the Piccolo Plus WiFi

Detect and capture risk

The camera system automatically captures high-definition video and sends footage of important incidents to the cloud for review within minutes. We give you real-time visibility to protect your drivers and business in the moments that matter.

*Below is actual footage captured by our DashCam solution

Dual Dash Cam
Product Features


Fleet Camera System For Trucks
How It Works


360°  Views, Eliminate Blind Spots

Capture 360° views of your fleet and eliminate blind spots with our advanced camera system solution with support for side/rear cameras and an in-cab monitor, empowering your fleet with unmatched safety and visibility.

Reduced Cellular Data Costs

Our Wireless Camera System for trucks send video footage over WiFi, enabling fleets to deploy an integrated GPS fleet management and fleet dash cam system – without incurring cellular data and carrier costs and allowing fleet managers to coach and exonerate drivers in real time

Your Own Safety Inbox For Managing Fleet Safety

The fleet camera system captures driver behavior events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns and lane crossing and automatically labels them and auto-uploads to the cloud, with the exact time and location of events, giving you a complete birds-eye view over all of your driver violations and allowing you to proactively manage driver risk.

fleet camera systems reports

Analyze Critical Driver Violations

Watch driver-facing and road-facing video footage on your phone or computer. See who the driver was, how fast they were going and the vehicle location with GPS tracking.

The wireless fleet camera system with GPS tracking Integrated Fleet Management solution that includes live GPS tracking, engine diagnostics, ELD,  and in-cabin WIFI hotspot, making this the most economical and complete solution.

telematics vehicle tracking

MDVR Camera System For Trucks
Supports Up to 8 CH


MDVR Camera System For Trucks
MDVR Recorder

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Fleet Camera System - FAQ

A fleet dash cam lets fleet managers see what is going on , on the road. A fleet dash cam consists of front and rear cameras and an in-cab driver monitor and records while the vehicle is switched on. Since all is captured, you will be able to understand mysterious damage, help your drivers avoid injury, and protect against false claims, including rear-end and sideswipe incidents.

Our Dashcam solution focuses on capturing true risk, delivering reliable results while helping you gain efficiency. 

Our offering is part of ONE complete fleet management solution including GPS tracking, Dashcam, engine diagnostics and ELD. 

In addition, we place a strong emphasis on customer service and offer a customizable product portfolio that can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.


A fleet camera system is good for fleet vehicles as they offer truck drivers and fleet managers more control over their fleet safety with features designed to increase visibility, reduce accidents, and lower collision costs

The fleet dash camera system is part of an integrated fleet management dash cam solution that includes ELD so you can detect and identify unsafe driver behavior while complying with HOS for ELD compliance.

The GPS and WIFI for a dash cam means that the dashcam connects over WIFI and provides GPS location tracking.

A dual dash cam with WIFI means that all data communication such as real time video footage, is sent through WIFI, without incurring cellular data and carrier costs.

The camera captures video recordings of driver behavior events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding.

A fleet camera system helps with driver safety as you can better understand the context of why a driver is making a quick turn, hard stop or fast acceleration. This can help you more specifically coach your drivers to help improve future driving behavior.

Fleet camera systems DO reduce truck accidents as they provide drivers the ability to see the full picture of what’s behind and beside them, decreasing blind-spot collisions and visibility into vehicle interiors.

How do you view dash cam footage? Remotely log into any vehicle to watch real time live footage or you login to the dashcam platform from any device.

We do offer a standalone dashcam option. However, we differ from our competitors by providing an all-around total solution for Dashcams integrated with fleet management. 

This provides you with benefits including 1 vendor solution for all your needs instead of working with multiple vendors and the Wifi option for reduced fleet bill expenses.

The best dash cam for a semi truck is a dash cam with added exterior cameras such as rear and side cameras so drivers operating a larger vehicle such as a semi-truck or tractor-trailer can see the full picture.

An internet connected DashCam means that the Dashcam can connect through Wifi.

The major benefit of having a fleet camera system is that now you will be able to see what is going on , on the road. Since all is captured, you will be able to understand mysterious damage, help your drivers avoid injury, and protect against false claims, including rear-end and sideswipe incidents.

The price of a fleet camera system depends on volume and added features such as adding side view and rear view cameras and whether it can connect over WIFI. It usually consists of a down payment + monthly fees.

A good dashcam is one that provides front and rear-facing cameras that can provide a 360-degree view complete with high-quality video and connects over WIFI and 4G.

The monthly costs go toward your monthly SIM charges. As we provide a unified solution for dashcam and fleet management with an in vehicle WiFi Hotspot, you benefit from using ONE SIM for – Fleet Management, DashCams, ELD and in-cab Driver Connectivity, reducing your overall costs to one bill for a cost effective solution.

Monthly costs depend on the service you need. Talk to us today about your needs.

DashCams benefit fleet safety  as you now have video footage for any incident that occurs.

Wireless Links goes beyond just having the video footage as our dashcam is integrated into the fleet management platform. Our innovative technology automatically tags critical driver violations events so you can analyze context of incidents including location and speed data for hands-on driver training or for sharing with insurance agencies.  

We don’t have the exact number for the ROI but you will be able protect against false claims and quickly resolve disputes by having the video footage to back up your case .

A wireless dash cam front and rear is one that provides front and rear-facing cameras that provide a 360-degree view so you are able to see what is going on, on the road. Since all is captured, you will be able to understand mysterious damage, help your drivers avoid injury, and protect against false claims, including rear-end and sideswipe incidents.