truck side camera

semi truck side mirror camera

Effortlessly Eliminate Blind Spots & Capture 360° Views
With Rear & Side Cameras for Trucks

Save time and enhance control with a 360° view of each vehicle in your fleet. Gain a comprehensive overview of your fleet operations by easily combining truck side cameras, rear, passenger, and cargo monitoring cameras with our AI2020 Dash Camera System.

Semi Truck Side Mirror Cameras and Rear Cameras capturing driver blind spots are especially beneficial for protection against false claims. 

Our Dash Camera System Supports up to 2 additional cameras:

A complete Camera System for your fleet complete with semi truck side mirror cameras to capture and eliminate blind spots

To ensure comprehensive fleet safety and security, visibility from every angle of your fleet is crucial. By installing side and rear cameras, you can easily transform your fleet safety and safeguard against false claims and easily find the causes of unexplained damage.

The AI2020 DashCam is the most flexible camera system to be implemented into your fleet:

•If you already have a Fleet Management system you can add the AI2020 DashCam as a second layer independent of your current fleet management system.

•The AI2020 4G DashCam in addition to its camera safety functions sends GPS data to the server providing the customer with a complete fleet management solution integrated with cameras for fleet safety.

•The AI2020 WiFi Dashcam integrated with the Piccolo Plus WiFi, the most advanced telematics device in the market with innovative IoT functionalities. In this case the DashCam is communicating to the Fleet.Net cloud via the Piccolo Plus that in addition to its IoT functionalities is acting as a router.


Real-Time Driver Coaching

Powered by our AI2020 Dash Camera System, Transform how you monitor, evaluate, and enhance driver and fleet safety with our innovative driver coaching system allowing you to easily analyze driver violations in one powerful dashboard

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