Parent App For School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking App For Parents: ParentLink

No more "where's my school bus" - allow parents to track their child's bus in real time

School Bus Tracking App For Parents: ParentLink is the most robust and secure school bus tracking and fleet management software available. The App has been developed to ensure safety and security while reducing anxiety among parents. Parents gain access to a smart mobile app with live tracking of the school bus and with alerts for child pickup and drop.

For the School

No more "where's my school bus" - Reduce inbound calls by automatically sharing real-time bus location and ETAs with parents and alerting them if buses are running late.

For the Parents

Stay calm and connected and securely track your child's bus location with real-time ETAs and automatic notifications.

Simple Setup

Simply install the GPS tracker on the bus, set up the routes and have parents download the app.

School Bus Tracking App For Parents

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How it works

The ParentLink School Bus Tracking App For Parents is part of a robust and secure school bus tracking and fleet management software. Watch video below for the entire solution overview:

Features & Benefits

school bus gps tracking system

Wireless Links offers a unique comprehensive solution for managing the daily school bus operation that links the school, the parents and the buses in one powerful platform. 
Fleet management features for school buses include school bus route optimization, dash cameras and RFID student ID tracking.

fleet camera systems

school bus safety videos Camera System

Wireless Links wireless dashcam system provides schools with 360-degree visibility into their entire school bus fleet. These can be particularly helpful in instances of reckless driving or even in the case of a missing child. The cameras capture every angle, with around the clock recording and support for up to 4 cameras including a dual facing fleet tracking dash cam, interior and side cameras for all around safety.

RFID Student ID Tracking

Passive or Active RFID Tags associated with every child allow for immediate log of each student, increasing visibility and allowing you to:

  • Track attendance
  • Account when and where each student got on and off the bus
  • Detect unauthorized student boarding
  • Detect duplicate usage of the same ID card.
IOT RFID student tracking school bus tracking

for Covid-19 Back-to- School

Magic Bracelet Solution

Minimize the risk of students and employees contracting and transmitting COVID-19 across the different school transportation & campus scenarios

Navigate the challenges of returning to school with the innovative Magic Bracelet Solution!

Get all the features of the school bus tracking and student monitoring solution plus +

  • Sends individual students’ body temperature data to receivers installed on the bus, and throughout the school facility.
  • Notifies designated staff if a student’s body temperature is above the threshold set by the CDC.
  • Alerts students when social distancing recommendations are not being followed.
  • Tracks and monitors student’s location within the school facility & when student gets on and off the bus

  • Facilitate contact tracing in the event a student test positive for COVID-19

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We Offer Multiple school bus tracking Solutions

Mini IoT Tags

Student ID card

IOT Student & School bus Tracking

Magic Bracelet

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Frequently Asked Questions

A GPS bus tracking system for schools is a system that provides school bus GPS tracking devices and fleet management software for visibility, safety and control of the daily school bus operation.

A GPS school bus tracking app for parents provides access to a smart mobile app with live tracking of school bus and with alerts for child pickup and drop.

Parentlink app by Wireless links is a school bus tracker app that allows parents to track their child’s bus in real time via their smartphone mobile app.