ELD & ELog Devices

ELD & ELog Devices

ELD electronic logging devices for the ELD HOS Mandate - Integrated with Telematics

Meet the ELD mandate with Wireless Links #1 rated ELD and HOS solution! Used by over 10,000 fleets, The ELD devices (electronic logging devices) connect to the trucks diagnostic ports, accurately tracking when and how long drivers have been at the wheel. Data from the ELD devices are sent via WIFI or Bluetooth to the user friendly Wireless Links HOS elog app where drivers are able to view and log their daily hours of service hos working hours.

ELD Devices

We offer various ELD devices to meet your needs and requirements , ensuring fleets meet compliance with ease for the FMCSA  ELD HOS Mandate  & for the Canadian Elog hours of service hos regulations.

We offer standalone ELD devices with GPS tracking and also a complete solution for Fleet Management combined with ELD. Take a look below at our offering:

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