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Plug & Play ELD Log Book - HOS ELD Hardware

ELD electronic logging devices for the ELD HOS Mandate

Wireless Links’ ELDs (electronic logging devices) & ELogs with numerous features, help you comply with ELD mandate requirements, record driving hours & help you avoid ELD violations . Drivers simply login to the mobile app, start driving and their hours are tracked.

ELD HOS Hardware

An ELD is an electronic logging device that connects to the diagnostic port (​ECM) of a vehicle to automatically record driving hours as well as capture data on the vehicle’s engine diagnostics.

Wireless Links provides the best overall ELD in comparison to the various other electronic logging devices available in the market. We provide more than a basic ELD solution. The ELD solution with WIFI hotspot enables fleets to meet the ELD mandate without incurring additional cellular data costs as the ECM data is sent via WIFI.

The Piccolo BLE for ELD sends the ECM data via Bluetooth BLE and optionally via a standard USB cable to the DriverLog App running on any tablet or smartphone.

No matter your need, we offer a solution to meet the HOS mandate. 

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