Tool Tracking System

Tag It & Track it
With Our Revolutionary RFID Tool Tracking Tags

Easily Tag any high value tool, asset or pallet with our Mini IoT Tags for tool tracking and have at any moment full inventory over all of your tagged tools and assets by knowing their last known location.

By knowing where your high valued items are at all times, significantly reduce loss and theft of high value assets, organize tools and equipment and keep automated records of leased equipment.

Small RFID Tool Tracker Tags are easy to deploy and highly scalable with no IT required.

#1 Tool tracker solution to track your tools and receive alerts if tools are misplaced or stolen

Industry Leading Tool Tracker Solution Powered By Mini IoT Tags

  1. Simply attach the mini IoT Tags to your power tools or portable equipment.
  2. The tags are self-powered and offer a long battery life span.
  3. When tools are in range of a Piccolo IoT device or the DriverLink app within 50 ft, their position will automatically update in your system. 
  4. View the last location on your mobile or in the cloud.
GPS tracker for power tools

RFID Tool Tracking Made Simple
How It Works


Never Lose a Tool Again

Tag any power tool with the mini IoT tags

  • When a tool is removed from the vehicle at a job site,  the location and drop off time are automatically recorded.
  • Once the job is completed, if a tool is forgotten once the vehicle starts moving, drivers get a message to their mobile, alerting them of the missing tool.
Tool Tracking with RFID GPS tags
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Tool Visibility & Control ​

Easy-to-use cloud platform provides a visualized dashboard of tool inventory with pick up, drop off, location and by whom providing automated inventory and building accountability . 


Routing and Messaging

Using DriverLink Driver App, Dispatchers can send messages to drivers and easily track vehicle’s route progress in real time. In parallel, the app acts as a handheld tool tracker.

Fleet Routing Planning and Optimization

A Complete Tool Tracking System Offering
Two Types of Mini IoT Tags to choose from

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mini iot asset tracking tag

Mini IoT Tag

tracking tags

Mini IoT Waterproof Tag

Track your tools with a tool tracking system that includes either GPS or RFID or both. Track your tools with mini IoT tags, smart, cost-effective way to tracking power tools and portable equipment. View your tools on the cloud based platform.

If your stolen tools had a tool tracking system then of course! If not, this is your sign to get a tool tracking system! Keep in mind that the most the most expensive equipment is what you cannot find.

Tracking your tool inventory is easy thanks to our mini IoT tool tracking system. Simply mount the mini IoT tags to your power tools or portable equipment and view it’s last location on your mobile or on the cloud.

Simply mount the mini IoT tags to your power tools or portable equipment and view it’s last location on your mobile or on the cloud. The tags are easy to mount yourself, so you can instantly start tracking your tools without having to organize appointments with engineers. 

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