Joe Shayovitch EEAT

Joe Shayovitch

Active chairman

Joe is a 35-year industry veteran who has held a range of executive management positions with Motorola and BellSouth Wireless Data (now AT&T). Mr. Shayovitch, the company’s founder, has been the CEO since its inception in 2002 and is known in the industry as a visionary innovator. In his last position before founding Wireless Links, he served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Business Units at BellSouth Wireless Data (formerly RAM Mobile Data), where he was in charge of product development, marketing, and sales. Under his leadership, BellSouth shifted its focus from being a mobile data network selling airtime to one providing wireless data solutions. Notably, under Mr. Shayovitch’s leadership, BellSouth designed the two-way pager developed by RIM, which was later renamed the Blackberry.

At Motorola, Mr. Shayovitch started as an R&D engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit and held various managerial positions, all focusing on new products for new markets. In his last position at Motorola in 1995, Mr. Shayovitch was the Director and General Manager of the Wireless Data division for Motorola International, headquartered in Schaumburg, IL. He built the wireless data division in four years, growing it from a startup in 1991 to over $150 million in sales by 1995 (equivalent to more than $500 million today). His responsibilities included product development, marketing, and international sales.

Wireless Links, founded by Mr. Shayovitch in 2002, has become a leader in the IoT market specializing in innovative fleet management and asset tracking solutions. Wireless Links specializes in GPS tracking systems that enhance operational efficiency and provide real-time data for businesses, acting as an operating system for businesses to run their daily operations. Under his leadership, Wireless Links has developed innovative technologies that cater to various industries, ensuring seamless integration and robust performance. The company’s solutions are known for their reliability and innovation, helping businesses streamline their operations and improve overall productivity.

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