Understanding Dash Cam Costs: How Much Is A DashCam?

In an age where road safety and accountability are paramount, dash cams have emerged as an invaluable tool for drivers and most importantly for fleets to control their liability and foster a more holistic fleet policy around promoting on road fleet safety. Whether it’s capturing unexpected events or providing evidence in case of accidents, DashCams provide fleet managers with eyes on the road across their entire fleet of vehicles.

However, the million dollar question remains: how much does a dash cam cost and how to choose the right DashCam for my fleet?

DashCam cost breakdown explained:

How much does a dash cam cost?

At first glance, it seems that the market is saturated with Dashcams that come in a diverse range of prices, catering to various budgets and preferences. From basic models to high-end, feature-rich options, the cost can vary significantly. To better understand the market landscape of dash cam prices, let’s explore the typical price ranges.

Price Range of Dash Cams:

Price Range



Basic recording, limited features, no internet connectivity


Better video quality, wider viewing angles, capture driver behavior events, internet / cloud connectivity, GPS Tracking capabilities, ability to remotely connect to DashCam for live view and stream historical video footage.


AI features, support for external cameras


MDVR systems with support for much larger storage 1-4TB Hard disk, 8CH+ support.

As you can see from the above price range table, DashCam prices range significantly. But for most fleets, the most important feature is to have an internet connected DashCam that connects to their fleet management cloud platform. This gives fleets instant ‘eyes on the road’ across all of their vehicles. Allowing them to live view from their office, stream and download historical video footage on demand and see real-time driver behavior events as they occur.

How much does it cost to get a dash cam installed?

The installation cost of a dash cam varies. Some dash cams are straightforward plug-and-play devices, allowing owners to install them easily. However, for fleets a professional installation is required, that will plug into the ACC (engine status) of the vehicle. The cost for this varies. For example, Wireless Links offers a few solutions to make installation plug & play such as connecting to the Piccolo device for power and engine status and even a WiFi hotspot to lower cellular costs by having all in-cab devices connect via one SIM plan, or a unique smart plug & play harness that detects engine status without having to connect to the ACC at all.

For a complete hard-wired style installation, the typical cost would be $100-$150 depending on complexity and whether hardwiring is needed for constant power supply or parking mode.

Why should you avoid cheap dash cams?

While the allure of a bargain is undeniable, opting for extremely cheap dash cams may come with drawbacks. Cheap models might compromise on video quality, durability, and crucial features like loop recording, night vision, and storage capacity. Investing in a higher-priced dash cam often means better reliability and performance, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. Most importantly, for fleets a cheap DashCam will not provide cloud connectivity.



The cost of a dash cam ultimately depends on your specific needs and desired features. While budget-friendly options exist, careful consideration should be given to the functionalities that align with your fleets priorities and goals and should align with your company policy for fostering a safer fleet on the road. Investing in a reliable dash cam can prove to be a worthy safeguard against unforeseen incidents, providing clarity and evidence when you need it most.

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