Keep your Business and your drivers safe

As a business owner, fleet manager or risk and safety manager, driver safety is top of mind when dealing with potential issues within your fleet management operation. With our Smart Dual Facing Fleet Dash Cam, monitoring driver behavior is simple.  Sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding with the exact time and location of events are auto uploaded to the Fleet.Net cloud platform and displayed in the form of alerts and reports, giving you all the data you need to increase the safety of your fleet.

Lower Fleet Costs

By sending alerts and reports to fleet managers, our dash cams are proven to improve driver safety and lower fleet costs.

Gain Visibility

Into distracted driving and near-misses. All events are sent in real-time to the fleet manager.

Get Instant Alerts

Address incidents right away with instant alerts. Captured videos can be used for driver training and discipline.

Reduce False Claims

Quickly resolve disputes by having the video footage to back up your case.

Video Proof Your Fleet​

Review in real-time distracted driving events, collisions and unsafe driving that are automatically uploaded to the cloud. All events are labeled and tagged and sent to fleet managers, for easy review. 

Part of a Complete Fleet Management Platform

In addition to fleet safety through the Dash Cam module, we provide a complete fleet management platform consisting of GPS tracking, various solutions for asset tracking and advanced reporting.

We offer the following devices, depending on your needs.

The DashCam in this configuration has an integrated 4G LTE cellular modem . In this configuration, two sims are required one for
the Piccolo STX for fleet management and a high usage sim for the Dash Cam.

Vehicle Tracking Device - Piccolo STX

This configuration is the most complete solution for fleet management and the most economical for an integrated solution with dash Cam as it uses only one sim for all Fleet management, ELD and Camera functionalities

In this configuration, the Dash Cam sends the video via WIFI to the Piccolo Plus that routes the data to Fleet.Net via 4G LTE. The DashCam is powered by the Piccolo Plus, which captures the driver behavior events.

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