FSMA Compliance Checklist For Carrier Temperature Control

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is the most sweeping reform of U.S. food safety laws in more than 70 years. It aims to assure the safety of food throughout the supply chain through the introduction of new requirements to food manufacturers, processors, transporters and distributors.

The legislation consists of seven new regulations. The key regulation around food transportation is the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food Act, which defines requirements around cleanliness, training, data retention and of course, temperature certification, control and tracking:

1. Temperature Control/Tracking- For refrigerated products, every storage compartment must be pre-cooled and have a temperature monitoring device. Shippers must also define temperature conditions to be met throughout transportation.

2. Temperature Certification/Data Exchange- A log of temperature conditions for the duration of the transportation must be provided to the receiver/shipper by the carrier upon request.

Surprisingly, although the industry is actually seeing very low rates of law enforcement, shippers have taken the lead and have become the main driving force in effecting compliance. Reason being that shippers are the ones held responsible under the new [food safety] rules.

So… How Can Carriers Become Compliant?

Temperature logging has been around for a long time, but FSMA rules made it mandatory for carriers to have to log temperature during shipment. There are many different ways of logging temperatures and many different solutions available in the market. As each carrier runs differently, not one solution fits all.

Before you decide on a solution for your fleet, you should first research your fleet’s unique way of operation. Having a clear understanding and profiling this with clear data will make your buying process more efficient.

Start by asking yourself the following:
  1. Am I updated on the latest FSMA regulations?
  2. Have I developed & implemented procedures that comply with
    provisions for temperature control?
  3. Do I know how to report on this & provide this information to shippers?
  4. Do I need to monitor more than one temperature cold-zone?
  5. Am I switching between tractors and refrigerated trailers?
  6. Do I need remote control of my refrigerated trailer?
  7. Are my refrigerated trailers being left at sites for long periods of time?
  8. If so, is temperature monitoring needed when trailers are parked for
    prolonged periods?
Integrated With Telematics

If you decide to go with a tracking device integrated with temperature monitoring, make sure you’ve asked the following questions:

  1. Am I ELD compliant?
  2. If so, is there an all-in-one solution for tracking, ELD and temperature monitoring?
  3. Am I able to extract engine diagnostic reports?
  4. Am I able to get real-time driver behavior alerts?
  5. Do I have the ability to monitor when trailer door opens/closes?
  6. If trailer is left at customer site, am I able to receive GPS check-ins?
  7. Am I able to remotely turn ON/OFF the refrigeration unit?
  8. Am I able to set alerts for when temperatures rise above desired levels?
Installation & Reporting

Once you’ve decided on a solution, be sure to ask the following questions for easy installation and straight-forward reporting:

  1. Is the solution easy to install?
  2. Does it eliminate manual record keeping?
  3. Does it reduce maintenance to a bare minimum?
  4. Am I able to easily view and export temperature reports for each trip?
  5. Are my drivers trained in temperature management and reporting requirements?
  6. Does the solution automatically send desired temperatures & alert on temperature irregularities?
  7. Does the solution report compliance, auditing and documentation for every step of the way?
  8. Does the solution quickly & easily provide proof of in-transit temperatures?
What’s Next?

We hope this guide simplified this area for you. Wireless Links provides powerful solutions that are guaranteed to save you time and money every day. We offer a powerful GPS temperature monitoring system and solution for refrigerated trailers, refrigerated containers, reefers, and more. The solution can be used as a stand-alone service or as part of a complete integrated solution for Fleet Management, ELD Compliance and Driver Behavior.

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