Trailer Security: Securing Your Trailer & Protecting Your Valuables On-The-Go

Whether you use a trailer for hauling goods, or transporting vehicles, keeping it safe and secure is of utmost importance. Trailers are valuable assets, and theft not only results in financial loss but can also disrupt your plans and cause immense inconvenience. In this article, we will explore various ways to increase trailer security, including special locks and innovative solutions like the Piccolo Hybrid Trailer Tracker or the standalone solar-powered Piccolo ATMS asset tracker.

1. GPS Trailer Tracking Solutions:

In addition to other security measures discussed later in this blog, trailers should first and foremost be equipped with a GPS trailer tracking solution.

A. GPS Trackers: Such as the Piccolo Hybrid trailer tracker which can be tethered to the trailer or the standalone solar-powered Piccolo ATMS (Advanced Trailer Monitoring System). Both of these options are cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance trailer security. The Piccolo system includes GPS tracking, geofencing capabilities, tamper alerts, and remote monitoring through a mobile app. These features empower trailer owners to keep a close eye on their assets, even when they are on the other side of the globe. 

Piccolo ATMS Solar Powered Asset Tracker

B. LoRa GPS Tracker For Yard Management: In some cases, if trailers are mostly parked in yards/lots for extensive periods of time and the main requirement is for keeping track of inventory over your trailers, a LoRa based GPS Tracker would be a much more cost effective solution.

LoRa (LoRaWAN) GPS Tracker

2. Special Locks for Trailers, Securing the Trailer to a Truck:

When used with conjunction with active asset tracking solutions as described above, one of the best ways to boost security for your fleet of trailers is by investing in high quality locks specifically made for trailers. Designed to deter thieves from stealing both your trailer and its contents. Some common types of trailer locks include:

a. Coupler Locks: These locks fit around the trailer’s coupler, preventing unauthorized access and detachment from the towing vehicle.

Coupler Locks

b. Wheel Locks: Placed around the trailer’s wheel, these locks prevent it from being towed away.

Wheel Lock

c. Hitch / Tongue Locks: A tongue lock is a specialized trailer lock that fits around the trailer’s tongue, which is the front part that connects to the towing vehicle. It typically immobilizes the tongue, making it nearly impossible to hitch the trailer to another vehicle without the key. Tongue locks are easy to install and act as a strong deterrent against theft.

Tongue Lock

3. Preventing Theft from an Open Trailer:

When using an open trailer, it’s crucial to secure your belongings properly. Here are some tips:

a. Cargo Nets and Tarps: Cover your load with sturdy cargo nets or tarps and use bungee cords or tie-down straps to secure them tightly.

Cargo net for trailer

b. Lockable Toolboxes: If you carry tools or valuable items, consider installing lockable toolboxes on the trailer to keep them secure. Ofcourse this won’t protect you from having the entire tool box torn off the trailer and stolen with all your high value equipment. This is where a tool tracking solution comes into use- we would recommend tagging the equipment inside the toolbox with mini IoT Tags and attaching a small, battery powered asset tracker to the toolbox, installing it in a covert way.

4. Securing a Trailer During Storms:

As part of a holistic approach for fleet safety and trailer security, managers should also take into consideration severe weather as they directly affect your business operations and your trailers and liabilities. Severe weather also serve as the perfect cover for thieves to execute their crimes. When severe weather strikes, securing your trailer becomes critical to prevent direct damage and minimize theft risks. Some steps to mitigate these risks include:

a. Store Indoors: If possible, store the trailer indoors during storms to protect it from the elements and potential thieves.

b. Use Additional Locks: Consider using extra locks in addition to your standard security measures to make it even more challenging for thieves during chaotic weather conditions.

5. Added Safety Steps

In addition to the points discussed above, it is highly recommended to follow the below steps to increase trailer safety in your fleet:

b. Safety Chains: Use safety chains between the trailer and towing vehicle to provide an additional level of security in case the hitch fails.

Safety Chain for trailer

c. Brakes and Lights: Ensure that the trailer’s brakes and lights are in proper working condition.

This daily inspection of their truck and trailer is a mandatory requirement under FMCSA’s DVIR. We offer a comprehensive DVIR solution as part of our DriverLog ELD solution.

driver HOS status

6. Trailer Tracking Case Study

A leading company in the construction industry faced challenges in managing their expansive fleet of vehicles, trailers, pickups, and high-value tools across multiple job sites. Ensuring the security and efficient utilization of these assets was paramount for the company’s operations and bottom line.

Challenges Faced

The company grappled with the need for a comprehensive solution that could track vehicles, monitor assets like tools and toolboxes, and provide real-time visibility and theft security, especially for trailers and high value tools stationed at various job sites or in their yards for extended periods.

Solution Offered

Leveraging our complete fleet management solution, the company attached our mini IoT tags to their high-value tools and utilized our ATMS asset trackers for their toolboxes, and our Piccolo Hybrids on their fleet of trailers.

All our devices are equipped with BLE readers, giving the company instant inventory updates and comprehensive visibility over all their equipment, wherever they are located across their operations and job sites. This not only streamlined their tool tracking process but also mitigated the risk of tool theft or misplacement, enhancing overall productivity and saving money, directly increasing their bottom line profitability.

For their fleet of trailers, our Piccolo Hybrids facilitated real-time tracking and provided unparalleled visibility over all trailers, whether stationed in company yards or deployed at various job sites for extended durations.


By embracing our tailored fleet management solutions and leveraging our cutting-edge IoT technology, they successfully addressed their challenges related to vehicle and asset management. The unified solution provided real-time visibility, streamlined operations, and fortified asset security, empowering the company to focus on delivering excellence in their construction projects while ensuring optimal utilization of their resources.

This case study highlights how a construction company effectively integrated fleet management solutions to tackle challenges related to vehicle and trailer tracking, asset monitoring, and enhancing operational efficiency.

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