Everything You Need To Know About A Fleet Management IoT Solution

What Is Fleet Management?

The purpose of fleet management is to provide visibility into your fleet’s day to day operations, maximize efficiency, increase productivity and improve safety for an organization’s vehicles and drivers.

Fleet management aims to oversee all fleet performance and fleet maintenance in order to increase productivity and help a business run as smoothly as possible. 

Often this achieved using a combination of vehicle GPS tracking, reporting on fuel consumption, monitoring of driver behavior and management of vehicle maintenance.

What Is IoT?

IoT short for Internet of things, refers to the billions of objects,  which aren’t traditional computing devices, that now have sensors, software and other technologies made to connect them to the internet and are able to collect and transfer data to a cloud system.

IoT provides businesses with a real-time look into how their systems really work, delivering insights into everything from the performance of machines, locations of assets across the globe to supply chain and logistics operations.

What Is A Fleet Management IoT Solution?

In addition to traditional telematics tracking solutions, a fleet management IoT solution enables the tracking and monitoring of countless IoT applications such as tools, containers, machines and equipment

Fleet managers with the help of IoT can now easily collect vital information through sensors on previously untapped assets and boost efficiency, visibility, and manageability, while helping to lower costs. Also, fleet managers can centralize and manage all assets in one central platform.

The IoT-enabled fleet management solution by Wireless Links extends tracking into completely new territories and offers an opportunity to connect fleets with their previously untapped mobile assets, giving fleet managers remote, detailed insights into their entire business.

Various RFID, Bluetooth tags and LoRa Technology have been integrated with the Piccolo GPS telematics platform. This added feature enables our devices to act as IoT Gateways, collecting the data from the tags or sensors and extending the tracking and monitoring capabilities beyond fleet tracking into any asset or equipment where the tags are placed.

IOT fleet management
refrigeration monitoring

What Are The Benefits Of A Fleet Management IoT Solution?

Gain Visibility On Previously Untapped Assets

IoT collects the data from different sensors and helps the fleet management companies with the visibility on their assets. 

Due to this, the fleet managers are aware of the whereabouts of the assets and drivers.

One Centralized System For Fleet And Asset Management

Now that the IoT sensors are integrated into the fleet management system, fleet managers can view fleet performance, adherence to laws, driver behavior, idling, and vehicle speeding on the fleet management side and they can view the whereabouts of the assets in the same system. 

Fleet Managers can view, who collected the assets, last location, time, movement or any other data they would like.

Increased Asset Utilization

As fleet managers now have insight to the whereabouts of the assets, they can better view which assets are in use, which are forgotten, and they can track the asset inventory as it passes from location to location.

They can keep records of leased assets and now they can provide company personnel with visibility into the inventory and accountability. 

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