electronic logbook for Truckers

Wireless Links offers the industry’s most intuitive electronic logbook for truck drivers for ELD, DVIR and IFTA.

Wireless Links #1 rated ELD devices connect to the trucks diagnostic ports, accurately tracking when and how long truck drivers have been at the wheel.

Data from the ELD devices is sent via WIFI or Bluetooth to the user friendly Wireless Links HOS elog app  (Electronic Logbook App)  called DriverLog, where truck drivers are able to record and view their daily HOS Hours of Service on their mobile device, whether smartphone or tablet. Our solution is fully compliant with FMCSA ELD rule and DOT regulations.

Simply connect the DriverLog App to any of the Wireless Links ELD hardware devices via Bluetooth/USB/WIFI to comply with the ELD mandate.

Your Personal electronic Logbook

DriverLog makes it simple for you to view your current and remaining on-duty status for the shift and cycle.

electronic driver logselectronic driver logs

Status Update

Change your record of duty status at the push of a button, no complex menu navigation needed. DriverLog auto updates your status when driving starts and stops.

electronic logbook for truckerselectronic logbook for truckers

Built-In Co-Driver Support

For Co-drivers, DriverLog seamlessly logs duty status for co-drivers. Co-drivers are able to access their data so they can view their logs or see how much time they have remaining, even while the driver’s logs continue to run. Switching between team drivers is as simple as clicking a button.

electronic driver logselectronic driver logs

RoadSide Inspections

With a password protected officer view, DriverLog makes it safe and easy to approach DOT roadside inspections with ease.

Electronic LogElectronic Log

ELD Devices

We offer multiple ELD devices to meet your needs.

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