• 3G to 4G Technology Transition and Impact on Telematics

Many network operators are phasing 3G networks out in order to pivot to providing faster and more reliable networks, like 4G LTE,to lay the groundwork for new technologies and 5G deployments.

Verizon plans to sunset 3G by the end of 2022.  Others – ATT and T-Mobile will follow in suite, if not simultaneously.  Many communications now operate on 4G and eventually 5G will arrive.  

Why is this happening and how will this impact fleet’s using 3G mobile networks and devices? Continue reading to find out!

The transition will impact 3G mobile networks and devices used by fleets across the United States.

Fleets who still have 3G devices installed need to upgrade to 4G LTE devices by February of 2022 in order to be ready for the 3G phase-out. If fleets are in regions where 3G towers are already phased out, they must upgrade immediately as their hardware and 3G mobile networks are not supported.

What are the advantages of 4G?

Upgrading from 3G to 4G LTE affords your fleet a number of benefits, including:

  • Extended wireless network coverage
  • Higher bandwidth and data speeds
  • Low latency
  • Wider coverage range
  • Improved network reliability
  • Greater compatibility with the latest cellular technologies

4G allows wideband connectivity, which means more data can be sent by the device.

Wireless Links customers also benefit from a telematics devices that utilizes 4G with integrated WIFI. 

As mentioned, 4G allows wideband connectivity, which means more data can be sent by the device. When our 4G Piccolo Plus Telematics Gateway with integrated WIFI is used, multiple WIFI devices can connect through it using the Hotspot functionality.

These devices can include WIFI dashcams, 4G dashcams, tablets, phones, or any handheld peripheral with built-in WIFI.

This is a major benefit as it allows fleets to eliminate extra expenses on hardware , as less-expensive WIFI devices can be purchased AND fleets are able to benefit from a ONE SIM solution, meaning fleets eliminate the need for multiple SIM cards with multiple data and carrier charges.

4G & IoT

The 4G topology also includes subsets that are designed for narrow band applications – mainly utilized within IoT [Internet of Things].

An example is CATM/NB1 which is designed for minimal bandwidth since the message payloads are relatively small.

Wireless Links utilizes this technology in our battery only asset tracking devices used to track non-powered assets like containers, heavy equipment, and much more.

4G within Wireless Links Telematics Devices

Wireless Links has been offering 4G based devices for several years, making us uniquely equipped to  help you prepare for next-generation wireless technology.

As mentioned, we offer the 4G Piccolo Plus with integrated WIFI for any tracking application you need and we offer multiple solutions for your every need. Talk to us today and we will help you address the technical issues, system changes and transition logistics that will come with your 4G upgrade.

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