AI2030 DashCam

AI Dash Cam.
Your Eyes On The Road.

AI2030 Artificial Intelligence Dash Cam
The New Standard In Fleet Safety

Wireless Links AI2030 DashCam automatically detects unsafe driving conditions and alerts drivers to high-risk behavior in real time, and sends incident footage to the cloud for review. From the fleet safety dashboard, users can view unsafe events and take proactive actions to improve fleet safety in real-time equipping fleets with the tools to create lasting change, lower costs, and save lives.

Video Proof Your Fleet

Got into an accident? Protect against false claims and quickly resolve disputes by having the video footage to back up your case. 

Real Time Alerts

AI DashCams automatically detects high risk events, notifies you in real time and creates in-cab audible alerts for your drivers to take proactive action prior to incidents. 

360° Visibility

Easily install side, rear and interior cameras and an optional in-cab monitor that plug & play to our DashCam in a matter of minutes. 

Increase Fleet Safety

Understand how previously undetectable driving incidents like near misses and distracted driving are impacting your fleet.

AI Dash Cam
Detects And Captures Risk:

Base Features

  • Harsh braking
  • Acceleration
  • Sharp Turns
  • Lane Cross
  • Live View
  • Built in SOS Panic Button allows your drivers to instantly notify and upload high risk events for your review.

With Optional ADAS
(Advanced Driver Assistance System)

  • Tailgating
  • Near Collision
  • Lane Departure
  • Pedestrian Collision Warning
  • Distracted Driving Detection (Phone usage, Smoking, Eating)

Additional Features

Optional Expansions

Supports up to 2 additional cameras and in-cab driver monitor:

fleet Tracking camera system - Optional Wireless truck dash camera Expansions

To manage all aspects of safety and security, you need to see from every angle. Adding side and rear cameras means you’ll be able to protect against false claims and understand mysterious damage, 

Fleet Dash Cam Solution
How It Works


Reduced Cellular Data Costs

Our AI Dash cams send video footage over WiFi, enabling fleets to deploy an integrated GPS fleet management and fleet dash cam system – without incurring cellular data and carrier costs and allowing fleet managers to coach and exonerate drivers in real time

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