• Trailer GPS Monitoring Benefits & Features

Are you in the trailer fleets’ business? You probably recall the time when you had to count trailers on your hand and track them via excel sheets. But times are changing now, and you might just get in touch with the best opportunity to resolve this issue!

Benefits of Using a GPS Tracker on your Trailers

  • Location in Real-Time

GPS trackers are capable of transmitting real-time data to the head office. The data is based on the location of the trailer and its movement.

  • Protection from Theft and Vandalism

Automatic alerts alert you about any unauthorized movement of the trailer. Therefore, you can stay vigilant in case your trailer falls victim to theft or vandalism emergency.

  • Analysis and Scheduling

Do you want to make an informed decision about expanding or reducing trailers? A GPS tracker can help you with that too! It helps you understand how many trailers are actually in use, how many are parked, provides a proper analysis of how much money a trailer brings in, as well as the costs it incurs in a given period. Thus, scheduling becomes efficient and effective.

But how do you choose a GPS tracker or trackers for your trailer fleet? Here’s a quick tip list to decide on the best GPS tracker.

Key Features in the Best GPS Tracker for your Trailers

  • Long battery life is a must. Many trailers are on the move frequently . Trailers may be left unattended in a trailer yard or sitting at a dock for days, all while not connected to power. Therefore, a long-lasting battery for GPS trackers for trailers is vital. A 5-year battery is the best option in terms of longevity.
  • No-wire GPS trackers or Magnetic-base trackers are more reliable as you don’t have to worry about wires and their faults
  • 4G technology Compared with previous mobile network technologies, 4G offers much higher bandwidth (speed of data transfer), lower latency (faster response times from the network) and improved spectrum efficiency (increasing overall network capacity).this is a solid plus for your fleet of trailer operations equipped with GPS trackers. A fast and reliable connectivity feature will give instant real-time information, which is crucial in this case.
  • Theft Recovery- Auto movement alerts let you know about any intentional theft or vandalism. If a trailer is inactive or does not have any schedule, for the time being, a movement alert informs you that something is wrong. Hence, you have time to take counter-measures.
  • Integration with Fleet Management Software- allowing for proper scheduling and analysis of activities throughout a period. Ensure a proper working fleet system to utilize extensive business opportunities such as adding fleet dashcams for added safety.
  • Update and Alerting System- these features keep you up-to-date with each and every trailer in your fleet. This means you can customize alerts on how often you would like to receive them. For instance, an update on the trailer’s movement every six hours, every 8-hours, or even after a whole 24-hours


With trailer information at your fingertips, it becomes easy to maintain and run a fleet of trailers for a successful operation in the industry. So go ahead and purchase the best trailer GPS trackers here. Get a live demo by filling out the form below!

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