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Roll Off Dumpster Tracking Software - Wireless Links

Roll-off dumpsters represent a significant capital investment for any waste company. Successfully tracking roll-off containers, waste bins and dumpsters and focusing on the highest possible turnover can make or break the small to mid-sized waste hauler.

Before reaching out to us, we found that a significant percentage of our dumpster company customers relied on paper and pencil to track their roll-off dumpsters, drivers and customers.

After polling our customers, we found that the major pain points for most of the companies in this industry are:

  • Poor inventory management – due to constantly looking for their bins or dumpsters. 
  • Lack of control and visibility over their roll-off dumpsters and assets.
  • Insufficient record keeping – as they rely on paper and outdated practices.
  • Relatively low churn on services – due to current tracking methods. 
  • Profitability is not at its full potential – Low productivity due to the reasons stated above.
How to Overcome these Pain Points

Companies in the waste industry have unique needs when it comes to inventory management, pickup scheduling, route planning, and more. 

For this reason, Wireless Links easy-to-use cloud based software combined with our RFID and advanced GPS telematics devices delivers a powerful solution to haulers looking for a competitive edge. Deploying our solution will significantly improve your bottom line and will provide you with the control you are lacking on any size application of roll-off dumpsters and bins. 

Roll-Off Dumpster Tracking Features:

Improve Churn​

Track delivery date, time and quantity. Gain visibility on last known location of every asset and for how long it has been parked at the customer's site.

Asset Inventory

Know which dumpster was picked up and dropped off, when and where and by which truck and driver

Boost Profitability

Bill your customers on accurate, up to the second data and solve billing issues as you now have visibility on your inventory.

Alert on Theft

Respond quickly to theft or unauthorized use with geofence boundary radius and get alerts upon exit/entrance of boundary.

roll off container GPS tracking – How it Works
Active RFID Tags Placed on Roll-off Dumpsters

Small, battery powered RFTags packaged in an IP67 waterproof enclosure are placed on your roll-off dumpsters and a Piccolo Plus GPS telematics unit with an RFLink module is installed via plug and play to the ECM in any truck.

RFID Tag Specifications

The RFTag has a powerful 32bit CPU with a 2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 transceiver and is packaged with a small, rechargeable lithium battery capable of powering the RFTag for up to 24 months. 

The RFTags communicate via RF at 2.4GHz to the Piccolo Plus Gateway at a radius of up to 250 feet (70m).

asset tracking rfid tags

Roll-Off Dumpster Tracking Software

Key data and analytics including GPS tracking, engine diagnostics and driver behavior is provided by the Piccolo Plus unit and viewed on the tracking software:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Length of time on a route, distance traveled, unplanned / planned stops and more.
  • Last location
  • Speed and direction of truck
  • Fuel Report
  • Engine diagnostics including battery level, RPM and odometer
Roll-Off Dumpster Inventory Management

When a roll off dumpster is dropped off at its destination, the location, time, date and ID are automatically recorded and can be viewed on the cloud software.

When an asset is picked up by a truck, once again the location, time, date and ID are recorded and can be viewed on the cloud software.

RFID gps roll off dumpster container tracking system
Roll-Off Dumpster Inventory Management & Tracking Software Benefits:
  • Go paperless –  Easy-to-use cloud based platform provides a visualized dashboard of pick up and drop off. 
  • Gain inventory management – View, monitor and track in real-time the location of every roll-off dumpster and quickly see your entire asset inventory.
  • Gain visibility and control – Know when an roll-off dumpster was picked up and where it was dropped off and by whom
  • Cloud-based web app that is accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Improve churn on services
  • Optimize collection operations
What’s Next?

That’s just the beginning of what you get. Wireless Links provides a powerful solution that is guaranteed to save you time and money every day.

 Schedule a live demo today to see the difference Wireless Links can make in your business operations or visit our Waste Management Fleet Tracking page to learn about our various solution offerings.

Ready to see how much time and money you can save with our roll-off dumpster tracking software?

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