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How To Measure The Temperature Of Students As They

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, schools are preparing to reopen with new health and safety guidelines. When dealing with k-12 students, schools face challenges that will definitely complicate the daily school bus transportation and school campus activity. These challenges include: 

  • Enforcing post COVID-19 safety and social distancing during student transport and within the school campus
  • Measuring the temperature when entering the school campus and the school bus to thousands of students each day
  • Tracking when and where each student got on and off the bus as well as where the student was in the school at all times
  • If the student tests positive for COVID-19, locate exactly where the student was at all times, and who the student came in contact with.

The Solution

Wireless Links RFID student monitoring and automatic temperature check combined with school bus tracking and school campus management system.

Each student is equipped with a wearable RFID bracelet with built-in temperature monitoring for automatic temperature check for COVID-19 detection.

Wearable RFID Bracelet For automatic temperature check for COVID-19 detection

The school bus and the school campus are equipped with a Piccolo Plus telematics unit for:

  • Monitoring of every student during transport, track attendance and account when and where each student boards on and off the bus. 
  • Monitoring every student throughout the school campus and track when and where each student entered the school.  
When a student enters the bus or enters the school campus, the RFID bracelet automatically sends a check-in stamp along with a temperature check.
When the student exits the bus, a temperature check along with a check-in stamp will be sent to the platform.
Campus Student Monitoring Advantages
  • Know where students are at all times and when they entered the school
  • Measure students temperature automatically for COVID-19 detection
  • In case of an emergency such as a lockdown, know the exact location of each student
  • In case a student tests positive for COVID-19,know who came in contact with them on the bus and on the school campus

The system can be tailored to your needs to include a camera system and a parent mobile app along with many additional features specific to you needs. Talk to us today about your requirements!

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