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4 Reasons to Implement an IoT Asset Tracking System

Implementing an IoT Asset Tracking System provides several benefits to your business. With an IoT Asset Tracking System, you can get a lot of options and functionality depending on the solution you choose for your assets.

An IoT Asset Tracking System helps managers and business owners monitor and identify misused assets, improves asset efficiency, and so much more. A real-time IoT asset management system helps owners and managers save money and time.

Here we look at the 4 reasons to implement an IoT Asset Tracking System.

1. Maximize Asset Efficiency

With IoT Asset Tracking, a company can track the location of their assets and identify under-utilized asset. A real-time tracking solution on historical and current asset locations helps business owners and managers to easily access each assets productivity and use the data obtained about their assets to produce better results and maximize asset efficiency.

2. Enhanced Maintenance

With IoT technology, an enterprise can monitor its assets, machines, heavy construction equipment, etc. in real-time. IoT Asset Tracking Systems enable you to set automated reminders such as oil changes, which ensures that you are able to bring your machines, equipment etc into the service department on time. The maintenance feature relieves asset managers of the burden of having to check odometer readings and logging services to stay on top of maintenance.

Apart from getting rid of the time-consuming process of tracking miles manually, implementing a IoT asset management solution ensures that important services are not forgotten or overlooked. This helps save money as it reduces equipment breakdown and provides another tool to allow the asset manager to adequately plan for asset down time for maintenance.

3. Prevent Asset Theft

An IoT Asset Tracking System tracks the assets in real time and allows you to set geofence boundaries around a specific area. The asset tracking system enables you to view your assets in real time from a central dashboard and receive alerts of unauthorized movements of the assets. The system usually lets you set geofence boundaries for instance around your yard so if the asset exits your yard, you are notified in real time and you can act immediately. With an IoT asset management solution, the chances of theft are considerably reduced.

4. Saving on Time and Money

If a machine is not working properly, it implies it requires maintenance. Machine maintenance demands time and costs money. As such, an unplanned maintenance can disrupt the operations and impact productivity.
Therefore, the organization needs to not only track the assets and equipment but also analyze their performance in order to avoid unexpected downtime


In conclusion, an IoT Asset Tracking System can provide many benefits to your company that, at the end of the day produces several results that every business owner or asset manager is looking for, reduced costs, increased productivity, and a more efficient fleet of assets.

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