Wireless Cold Storage
Temperature Monitoring System

Achieve Proven ROI, Reduce Operational Costs, Risk of Cargo Loss & Asset Damage

 Designed specifically for cold chain temperature monitoring & logging, Wireless Links’ cold storage facility & refrigeration monitoring system enables 24/7 visibility into the temperature and status of warehouses, walk-in freezers, refrigerators, cold-storage rooms, display racks and more.

Combining advanced on-board GPS/GSM telematics hardware with our Fleet.Net cloud software, the solution easily integrates with other applications and enterprise systems.

Replace uncertainty, information black holes and reliance on manual inspections with actionable data, for more informed daily decision-making. Automated alarms also enable rapid response to equipment malfunctions, opened doors and other critical conditions that could jeopardize valuable perishable goods.

Real-Time Visibility

View, monitor and control in real-time the temperature across your cold-chain.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Seamlessly and automatically record temperature across your cold chain, removing the need for manual record keeping by creating a unified, automated temperature logbook.

Maintain Quality Control

At one glance notice any irregularities that may have occurred. Receive real-time email and SMS alerts as temperature deviations occur, minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.

Plug & Play

Wireless sensors allow for an easy set up & seamless scalable solution for remote refrigeration monitoring system.

Real-Time & Historical Reports

View, monitor and track in real-time the temperature across your cold-chain.

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring
trailer gps tracking systems

Alarms & Notifications

Set alerts for when specific conditions are detected – for example when a freezer door is opened/closed, temperatures rise above desired levels and more. 

Meet Temperature Compliance

Round the clock automated temperature logging eliminates manual temperature logbooks, simplifying FSMA compliance.

Plug & Play

Easily deploy wireless, waterproof Active RFID tags with high-accuracy temperature sensors across your facilities to start monitoring and logging the temperature throughout your cold chain operation. Easy to deploy and highly scalable with no IT required.

One Ecosystem Across Your Cold Chain.

Wireless Links offers a fully integrated, unified temperature monitoring solution across your entire operation, creating one ecosystem for your entire cold chain as your goods move through the custody chain from warehouse to last mile delivery vehicles. 

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