Cold Storage Monitoring

Commercial Refrigeration Remote Monitoring Systems

Achieve Proven ROI, Reduce Operational Costs, Risk of Cargo Loss & Asset Damage

Seamlessly and automatically record temperature across your cold chain, removing the need for manual record keeping by creating a unified, automated temperature logbook.

At one glance notice any irregularities that may have occurred. Receive real-time email and SMS alerts as temperature deviations occur, minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.

Wired or Wireless sensors allow for an easy set up & seamless scalable solution for cold room monitoring.

How it works


Wired or Wireless Sensors

Choose between wired or wireless temperature monitoring sensors to actively track and monitor the temperature of rooms or any temperature controlled asset – minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.

One Ecosystem Across Your Cold Chain.

Wireless Links offers a fully integrated, unified temperature monitoring solution across your entire operation, creating one ecosystem for your entire cold chain as your goods move through the cold chain from warehouse to last mile delivery vehicles. 

Alarms & Notifications

Set alerts for when specific conditions are detected – for example when a freezer door is opened/closed, temperatures rise above desired levels and more. 

Meet Temperature Compliance

Round the clock automated temperature logging eliminates manual temperature logbooks, simplifying FSMA compliance.

We Offer The Following Devices To Meet Your Needs & Requirements:

For Reefers • Refrigerated Trailers • Cold Rooms • Temperature Sensitive Shipments

Piccolo Hybrid IOT

Piccolo STX IOT

Piccolo TMX+

Wireless Temperature Sensor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the temperature tracking solutions are in real-time.

We help you decide which solution is best for you. We offer wired temperature monitoring solutions as well as wireless temperature monitoring solutions depending on your needs.

Sure, you can integrate the solutions with your existing applications.

Yes of course. You will recieve real time temperature alerts as soon as pre-set temperature deviations occur, minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.​

You are able to remotely switch reefer ON/OFF to reach the preset temperature. 

Our Piccolo STX is capable of monitoring up to 6 different cold zones simultaneously with wired digital temperature sensors.

We also offer wireless  temperature sensors to monitor multiple compartments at once. 

We offer a dedicated driver app for Real-Time Temperature Visibility and Alerts​.

  • Your driver is able to view real-time and historical temperature recordings for all the goods being transported.
  • Automatic temperature alerts notify your driver in real-time of any temperature deviations so swift action can be taken to prevent spoilage when a need occurs.

Yes. We offer an information sharing link from within the platform. Your driver is also able to share temperature and location through the dedicated driver app.

You can set automated alerts for unplugged reefers, temperature deviations from your pre-set temperature, geofence boundary exit, unauthorized vibrations and many more. This is customizable to your needs.

We offer one powerful platform to meet all your needs for temperature monitoring, fleet management, fleet & driver safety, ELD Compliance, Dash Cams and more​. 

We offer wired and wireless solutions and we customize the solutions to your needs and requirements.

The major benefit of a temperature controlled reefer is that you can actively track and monitor the temperature & location of your reefers or any temperature controlled assets –minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.

Price varies depending on your needs & requirements. Contact us to get a quote.

The devices are installed through magnets, screws or 3M tape. We assist you with the installation process.

Comprehensive yet simple reporting system allows you to analyze various aspects of your fleet, for example: Stop by Customer, Historical Temperature Reports , Temperature reports, Speed Reports, Idle Time, Driver Logs, Alarms & Notifications , Route Reports, and many more.