MDVR System

MDVR System

Birds Eye Visibility For Your Fleet
With Up To 8 Video Channels

Wireless Links MDVR recorder brings a new video dimension to your fleet, allowing you to capture up to 8 video channels and stream them to the Fleet.Net Cloud, providing you a complete 360° view of each and every truck within your fleet. 

Ideal for Transportation, School Bus, Field Service & Passenger Transit Fleets. 

Video Proof Your Fleet

Got into an accident? Protect against false claims and quickly resolve disputes by having the video footage to back up your case. 

Real Time Alerts

AI Dash Cams automatically detects high risk events, notifies you in real time and creates in-cab audible alerts for your drivers to take proactive action prior to incidents. 

360° Visibility

Easily install side, rear and interior cameras and an optional in-cab monitor

Increase Fleet Safety

Understand how previously undetectable driving incidents like near misses and distracted driving are impacting your fleet.

Additional Features

Supports up to 8 cameras and in-cab driver monitor:

fleet Tracking camera system - Optional Wireless truck dash camera Expansions

To manage all aspects of safety and security, you need to see from every angle. Adding side and rear cameras means you’ll be able to protect against false claims and understand mysterious damage, 

MDVR Recorder
How It Works

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