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Mini IoT GPS Asset Tags

Introducing The Revolutionary Mini IoT Tags for Tagging Tools & Assets​

Easily tag any high value asset, tool or equipment with the revolutionary Mini IoT Tags to gain visibility on your entire asset inventory and maximize asset utilization rates .

Go Paperless

Easy-to-use cloud based platform provides a visualized dashboard of pick up and drop off. 

Increased Visibility

Know when an asset was picked up and where it was dropped off and by whom.

Reduced Expenses

Reduce loss or theft of high value assets, organize tools and equipment and keep records of leased equipment.

For all your fleet management and monitoring needs

The solution can be used for countless inventory, tool and asset management applications including:

How it works

mini iot asset tags for Tool Tracking System

The solution consists of mini IoT tags mounted on your assets.

A Piccolo telematics unit (acting as an RF gateway) is plugged via a plug and play harness to the ECM in the truck. The Piccolo unit provides GPS, maintenance, engine diagnostics and driver behavior habits.

When an asset is dropped off or picked,  the location and time of drop off are recorded and can be reviewed on the platform.

Once the job is completed, if an asset is forgotten once the vehicle starts  moving, drivers are alerted to missing assets via SMS message to their smart phone/tablet.

Product Features

Tags are simply placed on any asset to be monitored. They are easy to deploy and highly scalable, no IT required.

Up to 24 months of continuous operation.

Designed for harsh working environments, each tag is packaged in a robust IP67 rated enclosure.

Up to 30ft (10m) range of communication.

Technical Specifications

  • Enclosure: IP67 waterproof enclosure
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 1.18″ (3cm)
  • Operating Temperature: CR 2450 3v battery: 14º to 176º F (-10º to 80º C)
  • Storage Temperature:14º to 176º F (-10º to 80º C)
    Humidity: 0 to 99% 110F (40C), non-condensing
  • Battery
    CR 2450 3v battery
  • 3M two sided tape 
  • Keychain 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Price depends on volume and features. Contact us to get a personal quote.

Up to 30ft (10m) range.

Battery life of up to 24 months of continuous operation.

Yes, the tool tracking solution is battery operated.

With the tool tracking solution , you will have visibility into the following metrics:

  • Last location
  • When tool was dropped off or picked up
  • By which truck and driver. 

The tool trackers are made up of small RFID tags. Tags are simply placed on any asset to be monitored. They are easy to deploy and highly scalable, no IT required.

Both the dispatcher and driver are sent immediate alerts if any tool is left behind.

We help contractors do three things:

1) Organize their tools and equipment.

2) Provide field personnel with visibility into the tool inventory

3) Build accountability for tools across the company.