Driver Behavior Monitoring System
For Improved Fleet Safety Management

view and gather insights onto your drivers behaviors

Wireless Links’ advanced, proprietary algorithm actively analyzes driver behavior and detects in real-time essential events as they occur. We provide advanced visual reporting of the violation events that are easily extracted to gather insight onto your drivers’ patterns and behaviors’. Based on the driver behavior data displayed and reported such as – sudden acceleration, sudden braking, sudden lane swerve, harsh cornering and over-speeding , the fleet manager can easily identify reckless drivers that will most likely get into an accident. A growing number of insurance companies provide a discount to fleets that can monitor driver behavior, as they can detect, remove or discipline high risk drivers.

Expand Business Intelligence

With comprehensive current and historical reports that allow decision makers to understand and analyze their fleet operation from every angle.

Lower Insurance Costs

By reducing speed related accidents and tickets and detecting reckless drivers.

Reduce Payroll

With extensive monitoring tools and reports that provide you with insight to know exactly when drivers begin and end their shifts

Improve Driver Safety

By coaching drivers based on the insights gained from their on-road driving behavior, and improve fleet maintenance gained from the data read from the ECM.

Our Telematics Devices Provide You with the Following Benefits & Features:

Video Proof Your Fleet

The WLI Smart Dash Cam auto-uploads driver behavior events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding with the exact time and location of events & capture matching videos to be used use for driver training and discipline and protect against false claims. 

Advanced Visual Reporting

Our easy to use dashboards make it easy to view and gather insights onto your drivers behaviors- sudden acceleration, sudden braking, sudden lane swerve, harsh cornering and over-speeding. 

Route History Reports

Measure and improve driving routes with rich reports and route visualizations.  Zoom in on any GPS position along driver route, and at a glance know the speed and direction they were moving in.

Lower Insurance Costs​

A growing number of insurance companies provide discounts to fleets equipped with dash cams as they are recording all incidents and improving driver behavior by empowering safety directors to detect and remove or discipline high risk drivers.

We offer various Telematics Devices For Driver Behavior insights.

In addition to gathering driving behavior insights , the Piccolo STX is packaged with an audible buzzer that beeps in real-time when drivers commit driving violations. The Piccolo STX provides engine diagnostics, temperature sensors, HOS support and much more.

Vehicle Tracking Device - Piccolo STX

The Piccolo Plus is an advanced telematics device, that in addition to monitoring & coaching the driving behavior, is capable of communicating with wireless tags for temperature monitoring, asset tracking and more. The Piccolo Plus is also able to create an in-cabin WiFi hotspot.

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