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Benefits & Features

Streamline your fleet day to day operations and simplify FMCSA Compliance with our DriverLog ELD solution for fleets of all sizes.

FMCSA Registered

Compliant with Federal, Texas, & California rules and with the Canadian DOT rulings with auto-switch between the two.

A Complete Solution

We offer one unified platform to streamline your business and lower costs for Fleet management, temperature monitoring, driver safety and more.

Easy to Use

Our products are designed to think like drivers so that your drivers don't have to think like computers.

Multi-Language Support

DriverLog supports English, Spanish, French Canadian and Mandarin Chinese.

White Label

For integrators, DriverLog can be easily integrated into any 3rd party application with just a click.

A Complete Integrated System For Your Organization


driver log book

Your Personal Driver Log.

Be in control. DriverLog makes it simple for you to view your current and remaining on-duty status for the shift and cycle.

Simplicity, All-In-One Button.

Change your duty status at the push of a button, no complex menu navigation needed. DriverLog auto updates your status when driving starts and stops.

driver log book
driver log book

Built-In Co-Driver Support.

DriverLog seamlessly logs duty status for co-drivers. Co-drivers are able to access their data so they can view their logs or see how much time they have remaining, even while the driver's logs continue to run. Switching between team drivers is as simple as clicking a button.

Road-Side Inspections.

With a password protected officer view, DriverLog makes it safe and easy to approach DOT inspections with ease.

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Fleet & Compliance Managers

Real-Time View.

Get a real-time view of the current and historical HOS data across all of your drivers. Suggest edits to your drivers' and handle any unidentified driving events.

Complete Visibility.

Gain complete visibility of the current status of every driver in the HOS shift and cycle. Easily identify drivers approaching violations.

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Comprehensive Reports

Measure and improve efficiency with rich reports, delivering key HOS insights to your fingerprints.

IFTA Compliance

Make your life easier with automated IFTA fuel tax reporting- including total distance driven, breakdown of toll and non-toll roads driven in each state, and fuel purchases. Even auto-email the report to your inbox at the end of every quarter.

ELD Devices

Your fleet has unique requirements, we offer multiple ELD devices to meet your needs.

Compatible with all major vehicle protocols- J1939/J1708 & OBDII and with a wide variety of cable options to choose from, BlueLink ELD works with just about any vehicle. BlueLink sends the GPS and ECM data via BLE to the DriverLog App running on any mobile device, DriverLog receives the data and syncs with the cloud via the mobile device’s cellular data plan.

  • Standalone ELD Compliance Solution- For fleets looking for compliance only, BlueLink plugs into the vehicle’s ECM without interfering with your existing telematics installation.
  • Plug & Play Installation- Simply plug BlueLink into the vehicle’s Jbus port via the 9-Pin, 6-Pin or OBDII (Heavy & Light Duty Cables available) and you’re all set!
  • GPS Tracking- BlueLink Integrated with DriverLog provides for a complete ELD and GPS Tracking solution without the need to install a telematics GPS unit in each vehicle (GPS is dependent on the driver running the App on his phone.)Smartphone & Tablets ELD Solution

An advanced, ELD ready telematics gateway that plugs into the vehicle’s ECM for a complete Fleet Management solution including engine diagnostics, driver behavior, temperature monitoring and more. For ELD compliance, the Piccolo BLE sends the ECM data via Bluetooth BLE and optionally via a standard USB cable to the DriverLog App running on any tablet or smartphone.

  • Provides Functionality & Reliability- Provides the functionality and reliability of a one piece fixed mount integrated on board computer for a fraction of the price.
  • Dual USB & BLE Communication- The Piccolo USB is a hybrid ELD with dual USB & BlueTooth BLE communication, allowing for full in-cabin portability and for a full communication back up in case the USB is disconnected.​
  • A Complete Fleet Management Solution- The Piccolo STX is a modular, plug & play vehicle tracking device providing fleet managers complete, real-time visibility to location, driver behavior, CAN Bus Interface, temperature monitoring and ELD Compliance.

The most advanced and economical ELD solution for fleets, enabling fleets to meet the ELD mandate without incurring additional cellular data costs by connecting via the in-cabin WiFi Hotspot.

  • In-Cabin WiFi Hotspot– DriverLog connects over WiFi to the Piccolo Plus, sending the ECM data via WIFI and uploading the HOS data to the cloud.
  • Makes ELD Affordable- Built in WiFi allows you to cut costs by paying for just ONE SIM for both Fleet Management & ELD Compliance,. In addition, save money by purchasing less expensive WiFi-Only tablets.
  • Future-Proof Fleet Management Gateway-The most innovative, most advanced GPS Telematics Gateway with an unparalleled set of features providing real-time visibility into location status, wireless sensor data, built-in WiFi Hotspot and ​ELD-ready for HOS Compliance.

ELD With WiFi Hotspot

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