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Shipping Ocean Container (Cargo)
GPS Tracking IoT System

Always know where your Containers are located

Trusted by the biggest names in the industry, Wireless Links GPS container tracking solution enables real-time tracking and control of assets in-transit and in-storage inventory.
Combining our robust GPS telematics hardware with our Fleet.Net cloud software, the solution easily integrates with other applications and enterprise systems. Users gain 24/7 visibility & control into the location and status of all container units & cargo, while reducing operational costs & cutting the risk of cargo loss and asset damage.

Gain security and peace of mind by knowing where your assets are at all times, even in remote locations

Use real-time GPS tracking and geofences to gain full asset visibility in-transit on road & rail as well as in container terminals and depots.

Receive immediate alarms for unauthorized vibrations/motions and geofence boundary exit.


Gain Asset Visibility & Control ​

Gain full container visibility in-transit on road & rail as well as in container terminals and depots.

Shipping Container GPS Tracking
Trailer Tracking software with geofence alerts

Ensure Asset and Cargo Security

Our solution provides your business with the security and assurance you need to avoid theft. Set a geofence boundary radius and even a boundary within a boundary and receive alerts upon exit/entrance of boundary, on door open and close and on sudden vibrations. Ensure asset and cargo security and avoid unexpected expenses throughout the year.

Monitor Refrigerated Containers

Remotely monitor and track the temperature, time and location of refrigerated shipping containers, reefer containers, refrigerated cargos and more. Receive real-time email and SMS alerts as temperature deviations occur, minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.
reefer container temperature monitoring system

How it works

We Offer The Following Devices To Meet Your Needs & Requirements:

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solar powered asset tracking hardware

Solar Powered Piccolo ATX2S IOT

battery powered gps asset tracking device- piccolo atx

Battery Powered Piccolo ATX

Piccolo hybrid trailer GPS tracking device

Piccolo Hybrid IOT

Solar Powered RFID asset Tag GPS Fleet & Asset Management

Solar Powered RFID Tags

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless Links offers various solutions for asset tracking. 

The battery powered Piccolo ATX has a battery life of up to 5 years on 1 update per day.

The Solar powered Piccolo ATX2S has a battery life of up to 10 years with 1 update per day.

IoT asset tracking lets remotely track the movement and locations of your valuable assets whether large like containers or crates or small such as hammers and tools.

GPS asset tracking hardware are designed to track mobile assets such as container, machines, crates, even in remote locations. For this reason they are usually battery operated and rugged so they can be deployed on assets in remote areas and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

The best asset tracking software system lets you instantly locate, track usage, and recover assets using geofence alerts. 

A GPS asset tracking system system includes asset tracking devices combined with an asset tracking platform, allowing you to gain complete asset visibility and control and maximize asset utilization.

A GPS asset tracking software provides you with a visualized dashboard of your assets on a map. The software will provide metrics such as location, down time and alarms for unauthorized use.

If you want to track the location of the company assets, you will need to mount either GPS asset tracking devices or RFID asset tracking tags on the assets. these work with a cloud platform so you can view location and metrics on your dashboard. 

Pricing depends on volume, features and requirements. Talk to us today about your needs and we will provide a price quote.

Installation is simple and is done through magnets, 3M tape or screws.

You can add temperature sensors, pressure sensors or door open and close.

All asset tracking solutions work on 4G LTE Networks Worldwide

Tracking your assets provides you with complete asset visibility and control and allows you to maximize asset utilization. By tracking your assets, you gain 24/7 visibility into the location and status of your assets while achieving proven ROI.

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