Application Notes

Temperature Alerting System

For Real-Time Temperature Visibility & Alerts

iot cold chain monitoring

DriverLink App

For Real-Time Temperature Visibility & Alerts

Wifi HotSpot Case Study

The ONE SIM Solution For Fleet Management & ELD

School Bus Tracking & Student Ridership

DriverLink For GPS Tracking

Fleet management, tracking and 2-way messaging using your drivers mobile.

Temperature Monitoring & Control

Gain 24/7 Visibility & Control Into The Location And Temperature Status of your cold chain

Asset Tracking

Gain Complete Visibility On Your Asset Inventory, Ensure Asset Security & Reduce Operational Costs

RFID Solutions

Innovative Passive & Active RFID solutions integrated with various fleet management solutions


Piccolo STX​​ IoT

Driver behavior, CAN Bus Interface, temperature monitoring and BLE

Piccolo Plus IoT

Built-in WiFi Hotspot, Passive And Active RFID

Piccolo Hybrid​ IoT

For dual mode Trailer Tracking, Temperature Monitoring

Solar powered asset tracking

Piccolo ATX

Battery operated asset tracking

ATL-1 LoRa

LoRa GPS Tracker

LoRa (LoRaWAN) GPS Tracker

Solar Powered Portable Device

Portable telematics vehicle tracking device

Solar Powered Wireless Temperature Sensor

Piccolo TMX

Portable battery powered temperature monitoring

Mini​​ IoT Tags

For Countless Asset IoT Applications

AI2020 DashCam

Video Proof Your Fleet

BlueLink ELD​​

Bluetooth engine diagnostic reader for ELD compliance

Piccolo Mini Solar

Small in size, Big in functionality, Low in price

LoRa asset tracking device

Piccolo Mini OBD

Plug & Play OBDII Tracker