Truck dash cam- What are the best dash cams and multi-cam systems?

Truck & Semi Truck Dash Cam Solutions

There are a lot of options when it comes to dash cams. Which type is right for you and your fleet? There are numerous sites claiming to list the best dash cams and multi cam systems for trucks.

Before you purchase a wireless fleet dash cam system, you should read about the facts and only then decide which dash cam is the BEST for your needs.

What are Truck Dash Cams?

Dash cams, or dash cameras, offer truck drivers and fleet managers more control over their fleet safety as they allow fleet managers to see the road through the truck driver’s eyes and capture video evidence, resulting in reduced accidents and lowered collision costs.

What are the benefits and advantages of having Truck Dash Cams?

Benefits and advantages of having Truck Dash Cams include:

  1. Reducing false claims with truck dash cam footage
  2. Incentivizing safe drivers with safety data
  3. Improving driver training with truck dash cams and video footage
  4. Speeding up insurance claims
  5. Protecting and exonerating drivers when they aren’t at fault
What is the difference between a forward-facing, dual-facing or 360-degree multi-cam truck dash cam?
  • Forward-facing dash cams – watch the road ahead,
  • Dual dash cams – watch the road ahead and the driver
  • 360 degree cameras watch the road ahead, both sides of the vehicle and the driver. 

If you want to protect your business from false insurance claims then forward facing cameras will probably meet your requirements.
Front-facing dash cams such as Wireless Links Dash cam solution for fleets automatically detects driver behavior events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding are labeled and auto-uploaded to the cloud with the exact time and location of events.

If you’re looking to monitor driver behavior and implement training programs, dual facing cameras would provide the tools needed as the dual camera provides in-cab driver monitor, allowing fleet managers to use the videos recorded by dash cams and show drivers what went wrong, such as distracted or dangerous driving and how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

What are the best Dash Cams and which is right for my fleet?

The best dash cam is the one that fits YOUR needs. Do you need WIFI? Do you need the Dashcam to connect to your fleet management system? Whatever you choose, it’s important to ensure that your cameras record high quality footage that provides easy access to your footage when you need it. To ensure this, make sure the dash cam includes these key features:

  • Easy To Install, No Hard Wiring Required – the dashcam should be a plug and play solution.
  • Easily Export/Retrieve Video Footage – When you need the footage, you should be able to just click a button and have the footage you need for the event.
  • Dual Facing Full HD 1080p Smart Dash Cam
  • On-Demand Live View And On-Demand Historical Video Retrieval
  • Up To 256GB Built-In SD Storage ~ Up To 1 Week Of Recording
  • Works Over WiFi And Optional 4G LTE
  • Continuous Recording While The Vehicle Is Switched On
What are multi cam systems?

Multi cam systems are dash cams that are expandable to support front and rear additional cameras and an in-cab monitor , providing added coverage for the driver to see from a 360 angle of what’s behind and beside them with exterior cameras (side cameras) that capture all angles outside of the vehicles and eliminate blind spots.
These type of cameras are best for drivers operating a larger vehicle such as a semi-truck or tractor-trailer so they can see the full picture. Take a look below at examples of multi cam systems for your dash cam:

Why Wireless Links Dash Cam?

Wireless Links Dashcams are paired with our advanced Piccolo Plus 4G telematics device and connect over WiFi, enabling fleets to deploy an integrated fleet management and dashcam system – without incurring cellular data and carrier costs. We provide a complete solution including fleet management, Dashcam, ELD and more!

The dash cam captures and labels driver behavior events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding and auto-uploads to the cloud with the exact time and location of events.

Intelligent fleet dash cams

Plus, the solution supports up to 2 additional front and rear exterior cameras and an in-cab monitor, giving drivers the ability to see the full picture of what’s behind and beside them, decreasing blind-spot collisions and visibility into vehicle interiors, improving safety and efficiency.

dashcam interior exterior rear truck dashcams

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