What is a Fleet Management Platform

Everything you need to know about fleet management

What is fleet management?

A Fleet management platform helps businesses maintain optimal use of their work vehicles . Through the fleet management platform, fleets can maximize efficiency, increase productivity and improve safety for an organization’s vehicles and drivers.

Fleet management aims to oversee all fleet performance and fleet maintenance in order to increase productivity and help a business run as smoothly as possible. 

Fleet managers are in charge of fleet operations and might be tasked with responsibilities that include vehicle maintenance, overseeing fuel consumption and fuel costs, driver management, asset utilization, route optimization & planning, and the implementation of any programs that increase company productivity and decrease instances of waste.

What are the Benefits of a Fleet Management Platform?

A fleet management platform helps users track every vehicle in their fleet, optimize delivery routes, manage drivers and fuel consumption and optimize fleet operations including vehicles, drivers, fuel, routes and more.

predictive maintenance fleet management

A fleet management software helps you to get better insight into connectivity to all the vehicles in your fleet and the behavior of driver. 

You receive fleet maintenance alerts when vehicles have an issue or are due for maintenance, allowing you to proactively manage and stay on top so you can better plan your fleet around services and maximize fleet productivity. 

Alerts can be for services like coolant temperature, low battery, inspection reminders and check engine.

Fleet Tracking

A fleet management platform provides fleet managers with visibility into all their fleet assets through GPS fleet tracking

Fleet tracking allows fleet managers to know exactly where individual vehicles and drivers are at any given time, allowing them increased visibility into their fleet operations and vehicle safety.

wifi hotspot for fleets for total cost reduction

A fleet management platform relies on GPS tracking systems or telematics units installed in the vehicles for the vehicle information. 

The GPS tracking device can offer extra lower operating costs when equipped with a WIFI hotspot and a 4G wireless network.

4G allows wideband connectivity, which means more data can be sent by the device.

Integrated WIFI hotspot in the telematics devices allows for multiple WIFI devices to connect through it using the Hotspot functionality. These devices can include WIFI dashcams, tablets, phones, or any handheld peripheral with built-in WIFI.

When using a 4G with a WIFI hotspot device , fleet managers eliminate the need for multiple SIM cards with multiple data and carrier charges as only one SIM card is needed. 

Through the WIFI hotspot, fleet managers are able to lower their operating costs and create more cost-friendly and efficient fleet operations.

enterprise fleet management API

Software integrations are an important part of any company nowadays. 

A fleet management platform needs to integrate with many of your software platforms to pull in relevant data and make it easier to take action, analyze, and report on.

Wireless Links offers intuitive and easy to use integration into your application. We also offer extensive documentation to help you with the integration process.

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