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Fleet.Net - A Powerful GPS based Fleet Management System

Powered by Google Maps and packaged with Wireless Links unique hardware solutions, Fleet.Net is the industry’s most advanced fleet management and asset tracking software on the market. Fleet.Net is easy to use and navigate, provides visibility and operational control to your fleet activity that among other benefits results in:

  • Increased work flow productivity
  • Reduced fuel cost
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved driver safety
  • Increased customer satisfaction
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Web Based, Cross Platform Solution

Fleet.Net is a web-based solution; you have the convenience and mobility of working from any computer from anywhere there is internet access, including Windows, Android, iPad tablets and smartphones. There is no software to install and no restrictions; just point to our Fleet.Net server, enter your password, and you are in.


For large fleets we offer an optional enterprise solution that combines both web based and an internet based windows client hosted on the customer SQL server.

Web Based, Cross Platform Solution
Fleet.Net has the most comprehensive customizable reports of any Fleet Management system. It provides management with real time and up to 18 months historical data analysis of your fleet from every angle.
Reduce fuel consumption by 15-20%
Reduce fuel consumption by 15-20%
  • Reduce vehicle idling times by 40%- 95% (1 hour of idling is equal to 1 gallon of fuel).
  • Reduce, even eliminate, unauthorized vehicle use by setting boundaries and after hours engine ON alerts
  • Reduce speeding to a minimum by receiving real time alerts on over the limit drivers.
  • Reduce sudden acceleration to a minimum.
  • Improved vehicle maintenance scheduling.
  • Reduce over time by 10%-20%.
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use.
Increase Productivity by 8%-15%
Increase Productivity by 8%-15%
  • Fleet.Net is a powerful management tools that provide clear visibility of what is happening in the field, thus helping management to better optimize scheduling, on time arrival, and job performance. With Fleet.Net you get real time status of the field activities: on time arrival and departure times, identify the driver for a job, navigate the best route, enabling companies to reduce expenses while increasing efficiency and number of jobs completed.
  • Perform on average 20% more jobs a day.
  • Improve dispatch efficiency by 40% on average with centralized dispatch.
  • Decrease driver time on average 15% per job.
  • Reduce over time expenses by 10% -60% by using boundary reports that register when the driver leaves and/or returns home or to the depot.
  • Improve payroll efficiency using driver ID keys.
  • Increase the number of jobs completed per day.
  • Communicate directly with drivers and technicians with two way messaging


Increase Customer Satisfaction
Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase on time service delivery performance
  • Provide customers real time ETA updates
  • Alert customers pro-actively of schedule and delivery changes
Driver Behavior Detection and Analysis
Driver Behavior Detection and Analysis
  • Driver behavior detection and analysis - a revolutionary tool for fleet management safety and fuel use reduction.This revolutionary hardware and software component is an option of the Wireless Links Piccolo GPS units that detect the following essential driver behavior and send the data to Fleet.Net for analysis, graphical display and reporting in REAL TIME:

    Sudden Braking
    Sudden acceleration
    Sharp lane crossing
    Sharp turning
    Based on the driver behavior data displayed below, the fleet manager can easily identify the drivers that will most likely get into an accident and can stop a problem before it happens.
    Many insurance companies provide a discount to fleets that can monitor driver behavior as they can detect and remove or discipline high risk drivers.
    The data may also be displayed in a report format with the type of, and location of, the violation.

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