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Affordable Dual Facing 4G DashCam

affordable 4g dash cam

The Most Affordable
4G DashCam For Fleets

The  WLGT10 4G DashCam is the ultimate solution for fleet safety integrated with fleet management by recording video footage while the vehicle is running and in parallel sending real time GPS data to the Fleet.Net platform displaying the location, movement, and status of your vehicles. 
The WLGT10 4G DashCam allows for on-demand live view and on-demand historical video streaming and remote download and is capable of storing up to one week of video footage on a single 256GB SD Card.

The WLGT10 DashCam also features high-resolution video capabilities that capture clear and detailed footage of the road. Its robust design and durability ensure long-term reliability, while its installation and operation is simple and easy. Its secure data storage ensures that footage is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access, giving you peace of mind.

Additional Features

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4G Dash Cam Solution
How It Works


A fleet Dash Cam is internet connected and allows for fleet managers to view in real-time live and historical video footage captured by the device.

Yes, the WLGT10 is a 4G device that requires a SIM card to operate.

Typically the WLGT10 is programmed to shut off 30 minutes after the engine is switched off.

Some insurance companies provide discounts while others will require fleets to have them installed.

Yes of course, Video footage greatly helps settle cases as it provides the video footage to back up your claim. 

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