BlueLink ELD
BlueLink ELD

Plug & play device - easily plugs into the truck's ECM and sends the FMCSA required data to your smart device via Bluetooth BLE. Data includes: Odometer, Engine Hours, Engine ON / OFF.

Additionally, BlueLink ELD will send periodic engine diagnostic codes as they appear and is able to monitor simultaneously or separately the J1939, OBDII & J1708 protocols.


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Piccolo USB/BLE
Piccolo USB/BLE

The Piccolo USB is an advanced telematics device that plugs into the vehicle ECM with functionalities including engine diagnostics, driver behavior, temperature monitoring, and more.

For HOS ELD compliance, the Piccolo USB also sends the ECM data via a standard USB cable to the eLog device, providing the functionality and reliability of a one-piece fixed mount integrated on-board computer for a fraction of the price.

Main benefits: 

  • The USB cable is charging the phone or tablet.
  • The Piccolo USB is a hybrid ELD with dual USB & BlueTooth BLE to allow for full, in-cabin portability.
  • Protection of obsolescence – unlike with a one piece on board computer, your ELD is now made up of two components: the Piccolo USB with a life cycle of 7+ years and a tablet or smartphone that you can replace every 2 years to keep up with the technology cycle.
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Piccolo Plus WiFi Hotspot
Piccolo Plus WiFi Hotspot

The most economical ELD solution for fleets equipping their drivers with tablets as only one SIM is needed for both ELD and telematics. Is to be deployed with less expensive WiFi only tablets.

The Piccolo Plus is an advanced telematics device for fleet management, creating an in-cabin WiFi hotspot.

Plugs directly into the truck’s engine diagnostic ECM port, reads the J1939, J1708 or OBDII engine diagnostics error codes and the FMCSA mandated data for HOS and sends:

  • The engine diagnostics codes, the GPS and other telematics data directly to the fleet management server via cellular
  • The FMCSA mandated data for ELD via WIFI to the eLog app installed on a tablet. 

The HOS e-Log app installed on the tablet is communicating via the WIFI hotspot.

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