Fleet Tracking
Wireless Dual Dash Cam (Dashcam) Solutions


360° Visibility & Safety. 24/7.

Video Proof Your Fleet

Got in an accident? Protect against false claims and quickly resolve disputes by having the video footage to back up your case. Never be caught in a “he said, she said“ situation again.

Improve Fleet Safety

Auto-upload driver behavior events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding with the exact time and location.

Investigate & Resolve Incidents From Your Office

Remotely log in to any vehicle to watch real-time live video. Download selected dates & time of historical video from the DVR to the Fleet.Net server.

Wireless Wifi Dash Cam

Easy to install, no hard wiring required. Works over wifi and optional 4G LTE making it the most economical total fleet management solution as only 1 SIM is needed for all functionalities.

White Label

For integrators, we provide robust API's so you can easily integrate our camera system into any web application.

Dash Cam Key Features

  • Dual Facing Full HD 1080p Smart Dash Cam
  • 24/7 recording
  • Up to 256GB Built-in SD Storage ~ Up to 1 week of recording
  • Auto recording based on driver behavior events
  • On-demand Live View
  • On-demand upload incident footage to the Fleet.Net cloud
  • On-demand historical video retrieval
  • Easily export/retrieve video footage
  • Easy to install, no hard wiring required.
  • Expandable to support 2 additional cameras and an In-Cab Monitor
  • Works over WiFi and optional 4G LTE.

How It Works

Piccolo Plus WiFi Hotspot With Dash Cam

The most innovative and complete GPS Telematics Gateway providing real-time visibility into location status, with an unparalleled set of features including wireless sensor data, built-in WiFi Hotspot and ELD-ready for HOS Compliance. In addition, the Piccolo Plus powers the WLI Smart Dash Cam and creates a fast, 4G WiFi HotSpot for Internet Connectivity.

See What Your Drivers See...From Your Office.

Instantly review collisions, near-misses, and driver behavior events in beautiful full HD 1080p footage that is uploaded to the Fleet.Net cloud.

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