Refrigerated Container Temperature Tracking & Monitoring Solutions

Remotely monitor & Track The temperature, time and location of refrigerated containers & cargo

The refrigerated container monitoring program will improve your ability to better monitor the temperatures of your or your customer’s reefer containers, by tracking the temperatures from the time the Supplier loads the container via the website. The platform can also track your trucks as they are transporting the containers from Supplier to your Terminal- allowing for faster response time when a refrigerated container is in trouble, minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.

Choose between wired or wireless temperature monitoring sensors to actively track and monitor the temperature & location of your reefers or any temperature controlled asset – minimizing temperature-related spoilage costs.

Reefer technician will be able to monitor reefer from any  location from his cell phone and setup alerts if reefer loses connection or if reefer gets warmer than the desired temperature. 

Seamlessly and automatically record temperature across your cold chain, removing the need for manual record keeping by creating a unified, automated temperature logbook.


Faster Response Time

Faster response time when a Reefer is in trouble. Whether it be on board the vessel or at terminal, the nearest reefer tech will be able to see when a reefer starts to loose temperatures.

reefer container gps tracking device

Temperature Sensors for Refrigerated Container Monitoring

The temperature sensors are small and can easily fit inside the Supply air vent (as seen in the picture). The temperature sensor is actually inside the vent while the solar unit sits just outside the vent so that it can better interface with the devices that pickup the data from the sensor.

Dedicated App for Temperature Monitoring

When Reefers are left over the weekend at freight/main office, the reefer tech will be able to monitor both locations from his cell phone. If you have reefers running at either location, technician can setup alerts that will allow him to know:

  1. If the reefer loses connection with the monitoring device (Piccolo).
  2. If the reefer gets warmer than the desired temperature.

He can also pull up all of the current Temps from any reefer that is being actively monitored.

refrigerated trailer container temperature monitoring

Safer for Ship’s Crew

When at sea, the ship is not the safest place for someone to be walking up and down taking temperature readings. That is why they only do it every 4 hours. With this system, a tech will know prior to his rounds if a reefer is in trouble or not.

How it works

We Offer The Following Devices To Meet Your Needs & Requirements:

For Reefers • Refrigerated Trailers • Cold Rooms • Temperature Sensitive Shipments

Piccolo Hybrid IOT

Piccolo STX IOT

Piccolo TMX+

Wireless Temperature Sensor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reefer trailer temperature monitoring helps carriers cut the risk of cargo loss and asset damage and minimize temperature-related spoilage costs. It ensures cargo temperatures stays within the acceptable range with the use of sensors to alert if any sudden temperature changes occur.

A GPS temperature monitoring device is one that combines GPS tracking, telematics and reefer temperature control in one solution.

Our Piccolo STX is capable of monitoring up to 6 different cold zones simultaneously with wired digital temperature sensors.

We also offer wireless  temperature sensors to monitor multiple compartments at once. 

The benefits of refrigerated trailer tracking include gaining visibility & control into the location and temperature status of your perishable assets as they move through the cold chain, while reducing operational costs & cutting the risk of cargo loss and asset damage. 

A GPS temperature sensor and a GPS temperature monitoring device are basically interchangeable definitions. Both systems help monitor real-time temperature while providing GPS fleet data.