GPS Asset Tracking Devices, System & Solutions

Track the Assets that Power Your Business with a Comprehensive GPS Asset Tracking System

Trusted by businesses worldwide, our GPS asset tracking solution combines the cloud software with advanced telematics hardware, providing complete asset visibility and control and allowing you to maximize asset utilization.
Deployed on thousands of assets worldwide, the innovative solution lets you gain 24/7 visibility into the location and status of your assets while helping you achieve proven ROI. The asset tracking solution easily integrates with other applications and systems and easily installs in under 15 minutes.

Protect Remote Assets

Gain security and peace of mind by knowing where your assets are at all times, even in remote locations

Achieve Greater ROI

Complete visibility on the whereabouts of your assets allows you to account for all assets and identify under-utilized trailers

Rapidly Respond to Theft

Receive immediate alarms for unauthorized vibrations/motions and geofence boundary exit.

Solution Features

GPS Asset Tracking & Status

View, monitor and track in real-time the location of every asset within your fleet and quickly see your entire asset inventory.

Rapidly Respond to Theft

Set a geofence boundary around key locations such as your customers, your yard and get alerts when your vehicles enter and exit the boundary.
You can even set a boundary within a boundary!

Decrease Customer Inquiries

Provide accurate ETAs with live location sharing and decrease customer inquiries about shipment arrival times

Track Engine Usage

Track engine usage for powered assets, heavy equipment and machinery. Bill your customers based on actual engine run time and manage long-term rentals with regular location tracking.

Iot monitoring with telematics

IoT Asset Tracking

Receive key data points right to your fingerprints by reading from various sensors including temperature & pressure. Monitor in real-time and avoid crisis on the spot. 

Temperature Monitoring of Refrigerated Containers

Remotely monitor and track the temperature, time and location of refrigerated shipping containers, reefer containers, refrigerated cargos and more. Minimize temperature-related spoilage costs with real-time alerts 

reefer container temperature monitoring system

We Offer The Following Asset Tracking Devices To Meet Your Needs & Requirements

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The solar powered Piccolo ATX2S provides security and peace of mind that assets are safe and where they should be. Ideal for: Container, Trailer and any Asset tracking.

Ideal for unpowered assets and containers, the Piccolo ATX wireless asset tracking device can operate for up to 5 years, up to 3000 GPS positions, on two standard off the shelf Type C High Current lithium batteries.

This versatile dual mode GPS tracker for trailer operates as a real-time GPS tracker when tethered to power (to the truck) and as an asset tracker once trailers are detached from truck.

Know the pick up and drop off location of your trailer, roll off container or any asset. A great tool for inventory management. Easily attach an RFTag to any asset for a cost effective plug & play solution.

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