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Your Complete GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking System & Monitoring Devices

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Fleet's Daily Operations.

Trusted by businesses worldwide, our GPS fleet management & vehicle tracking solutions combine the power of the Fleet.Net cloud platform with our innovative telematics GPS hardware devices, resulting in increased work flow productivity, reduced fuel costs, streamlined maintenance, improved fleet and driver safety and increased customer satisfaction.

Achieve Greater ROI

Improve fleet productivity with complete, real-time visibility to location, driver behavior, engine data, temperature monitoring, ELD compliance and more.

Track Any Vehicle

Track and monitor cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, and specialized vehicles. Our GPS fleet management devices and software can be customized to meet any need.

A Complete Solution

With a wide-range of integrated solutions for Fleet management, temperature monitoring, driver safety and more, we offer one unified platform to streamline your business and lower costs.

A Powerful GPS Fleet Management Platform​

With Fleet.Net, you have real-time view of every angle of your fleet activity including current status, last & historical location, actual speed vs speed limits, driver behavior, engine diagnostics & real-time cameras.

Streamline Fleet Maintenance

With the help of  key data and analytics from the engine diagnostics, you are able to track, improve and plan vehicle maintenance to lower vehicle down-time. Get real time engine fault code alerts as they appear.

Capture every angle, with around the clock recording and support for up to 4 cameras including a dual facing dash cam, interior and side cameras.

Auto-upload video from multiple cameras triggered by Driver Behavior Events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding with the exact time and location. Log-in on demand to see what is happening inside your buses.

Theft prevention

Set geofence boundaries around key geographical areas such as your yard, and be notified when your vehicles enter and exit these boundaries.

Pick The Telematics Gateway That Meets Your Needs & Requirements:

The Piccolo STX is a modular plug & play vehicle gateway providing fleet managers complete, real-time visibility to location, driver behavior, CAN Bus Interface, temperature monitoring and BLE Support for ELD Compliance.


The most innovative and complete GPS Telematics Gateway providing real-time visibility into location status, with an unparalleled set of features including wireless sensor data, and ​ELD-ready with built-in WiFi Hotspot for HOS Compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no best GPS tracker, rather, there is a best tracker for your needs. At Wireless Links, we will provide you with the device that best fits your requirements.

Pricing depends on volume and requirements. Speak to us today to get your price quote.

We offer one solutions for GPS fleet management & vehicle tracking.

Yes, you have a real-time view of every angle of your fleet activity including current status, last & historical location, actual speed vs speed limits, driver behavior, engine diagnostics & real-time cameras.

Our vehicle tracking solutions offer ELD as well so you do not need multiple vendors for multiple needs. You get vehicle tracking and ELD.

We offer a number of solutions. One of our solutions has a built-in Wifi hotspot. Talk to us for a demo and quote.

You can extract engine diagnostics, maintenance, route history, Speed Reports, Idle Time, Driver Logs, State Fuel Reports, Route Reports, and many more.

We offer an integrated dashcam solution with the fleet management platform. The camera captures driver behavior events : sudden brake , sudden acceleration , sudden lane crossing sudden turns.

We provide the most economical and complete solution for fleet management, ELD and camera functionalities.