Wireless Links Has Been Chosen By NYC To Turn The Logistics Nightmare Of Handling COVID-19 Victims, Into A Manageable Operation​

Along with a tragic loss of life in large numbers, COVID-19 presents an unprecedented logistics problem for the state and city medical officials across the nation.
We have all seen the disturbing photos showing body bags lining the hallways of NYC hospitals before being wheeled out to refrigerated trucks.

When you have thousands of bodies to store and preserve in a short period of time, while bodies keep accumulating, it’s easy to lose the identity of who’s body is in what bag or where that body is stored.

Wireless Links is glad to announce that its innovative IoT Technology, integrated with telematics, has been chosen by NYC to turn the logistics nightmare into a manageable operation.

Click on the link below for a full PowerPoint presentation of the system being installed now on hundreds of refrigerated trailers in NYC following a successful pilot.

We are proud of the opportunity to help communities solve a major logistical hurdle during a human tragedy by preventing losing count of loved ones.

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