Why It Pays To Track Your Heavy Equipment.

The National Equipment Register estimates that construction companies lose anywhere from 300 million to one billion dollars to heavy equipment theft per year.

In light of these stats, there is no doubt that it is crucial to install GPS telematics tracking devices to every piece of equipment, so that you know exactly where your assets are at all times and in real-time. Telematics tracking devices are able to monitor the location of heavy equipment even when they are in remote areas like mines, construction sites and oil & gas fields. With the help of telematics tracking devices such as the solar powered Piccolo ATX2s, you can locate misplaced or stolen equipment or track equipment being used during off-hours or in unauthorized areas around the clock. You also remove maintenance hassles as the unit is able to self-charge on it’s own due to the solar panels.

2. ENGINE ALERTS Using heavy equipment at or beyond its specified limits not only risks the safety of employees, but also puts additional wear and tear on the equipment that increases maintenance costs. By receiving engine and other equipment alerts immediately, you can meet your health and safety obligations, coach equipment operators and reduce costly equipment failures.

3.PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE With telematics tracking devices, equipment maintenance scheduling is based on accurate engine usage hours and automatic service alerts; No more unnecessary maintenance based on recommended schedules. The devices alert you in real time of any faults or of any mechanical problems that need urgent attention so they can be corrected before they cause unnecessary downtime, leading to lost revenue or costly fixes.

4.LOWER CAPITAL COSTS – As in any fleet, with construction equipment there are units that are being used more than others. The problem with this is that over used equipment experience greater wear and consequently need to be maintained or replaced sooner compared to the rest of the fleet. By reclaiming underutilized equipment and maximizing resources by tracking asset utilization, you ensure that you spread the wear and tear across every piece of equipment and make sure you use your entire fleet.

5. LOWER FUEL AND OTHER OPERATING COSTS Ongoing costs can add up so it is important to save wherever you can to increase profitability. Continuous monitoring of equipment and alerts using GPS tracking devices for equipment warn you in real time of sudden fuel drainage, so you get alerts and red flags in real time of events like fuel theft. You also get alerts on excessive idling or rough driving and other events that eat into operational budgets.

Final words

Nowadays, Continuous monitoring of equipment and alerts using tracking devices is vital to help you control operating and maintenance costs. Not only can these devices help you cut costs, but at the end of the day, they actually help you to increase your revenue and ROI.

We offer multiple construction equipment tracking devices such as the Piccolo ATX for unpowered assets, the Piccolo ATX2s for unpowered asset with solar panels and the Piccolo Hybrid for powered assets. Talk to use today to discuss your equipment and needs and we will fit a device for your specific needs.

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