What is RFID Asset Tracking

As an asset business owner of high value assets such as equipment, IT devices, tools, or vehicles, you are most likely aware of the importance of asset tracking and inventory management as a means to support decision making, prevent losses, and maximize asset utilization rates.

There are many ways to track assets. The old fashioned way is to do it manually by using pen and paper or Excel sheets. However, with the advent of technology, utilizing RFID technology is by far the most cost effective and efficient way. 

RFID Asset Management Features & Benefits:
  • Go paperless –  Easy-to-use cloud based platform provides a visualized dashboard of pick up and drop off. 
  • View, monitor and track in real-time the location of every asset and quickly see your entire asset inventory.
  • Know when an asset was picked up and where it was dropped off and by whom
  • Cost effective – A fraction of the cost of installing a tracking device on each asset.
  • Keep records of leased equipment and generate customer invoicing information based on actual usage.
  • Cloud-based web app that is accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone
How RFID Asset Tracking Works

Wireless Links provides the ultimate Active RFID solution for asset tracking and management. By deploying our wireless active RFID monitoring system integrated with GPS fleet management, our solution provides a fast return on investment, offers insights into the state of the business, and enables smarter business decisions and operational improvements. Here’s how it works:

Active RFID Tags

Comprised of small, battery powered RFTags packaged in an IP67 waterproof enclosure. The RFTags are placed on high value portable assets such as equipment, tools, trailers, containers or any asset to be monitored and a Piccolo Plus GPS telematics unit with an RFLink module is installed via plug and play to the ECM in any truck.

RFID GPS Solution

RFID Tag Specifications

The RFTag has a powerful 32bit CPU with a 2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 transceiver and is packaged with a small, rechargeable lithium battery capable of powering the RFTag for up to 24 months. 

The RFTags communicate via RF at 2.4GHz to the Piccolo Plus Gateway at a radius of up to 250 feet (70m).

asset tracking rfid tags

Asset Tracking & Management

When an asset is dropped off at its destination, the location, time, date and ID are recorded and can be reviewed on our Fleet.Net management portal.

When an asset is picked up by a truck, once again the location, time, date and ID are recorded and can be reviewed on our Fleet.Net management portal.

Meanwhile, the Piccolo Plus provides GPS, maintenance, engine diagnostics and driver behavior habits.

*For refrigerated trailers an external digital temperature sensor can be added to the RFTag for wireless temperature monitoring.

That’s just the beginning of what you get. Wireless Links provides a powerful solution that is guaranteed to save you time and money every day.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Schedule a live demo today to see the difference Wireless Links can make in your business operations!

Ready to see how much time and money you can save with our RFID asset tracking system and solution?

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