In-Cabin Truck WiFi Hotspot

Increase Driver Productivity and Lower Your Monthly Expenses with an In-Cab WiFi Hotspot for fleets of all sizes

With the ELD mandate now in full force & the Canadian ELD Mandate around the corner, truck drivers have been pushed into the digital revolution. The ELD mandate has forced fleets to equip their drivers with mobile devices (tablets, onboard computers, etc). This is in turn creating new and unique opportunities in the trucking space, primarily by connecting your drivers and streamlining many day to day tasks drivers had to do manually, and is driving a major uptick in driver productivity.

Connecting All Your Drivers

At the forefront of this revolution lies the necessity of connecting all of your drivers within your fleet. Today more than ever, fleets are noticing that the easiest and most affordable way to do this is by having an in-cabin truck WiFi hotspot, powering in-cabin connectivity necessary for drivers to stay connected and focus on what’s really important - driving.

The Major Advantage Of A Truck WiFi Hotspot

With in-cab WiFi, you are now able to connect your drivers and streamline many day to day tasks with one sim card and one cellular bill for GPS tracking, ELD, dispatch, routing and messaging

No Contracts, Modems or Extra Fees

Eliminate the need for separate dedicated broadband devices, cellular modems, wireless routers, carrier contracts & data fees, so you can focus on your bottom line and drive ROI.

ELD Ready

Wireless Links Piccolo Plus WiFi is ELD ready and is connected to our DriverLog App, allowing you to further unify all of your connectivity and telematics needs and expenses.

Wireless Links offers the Piccolo Plus - The industry’s most innovative & modular GPS telematics device that functions as an in-cab vehicle WiFi Hotspot for fleets​​.

Wireless Links Piccolo Plus functions as an in-cabin WiFi hotspot and router, enabling messaging and routing at no extra cost and allowing for communication of any mobile device to the internet. The unit provides the full benefits of a telematics device while also reducing your expenses and unifying the following bills:

Dedicated Cellular Modems Wireless Routers Carrier Contracts Data Fees

How It Works

ELD With WiFi Hotspot


Plug & Play Installation With Pass Through Harness

The Piccolo Plus connects to almost any vehicle on the road with a variety of cable options.

WiFi Hotspot

With a built in, in-cabin WiFi router, the Piccolo Plus allows communication of any mobile device to the internet. The major advantage is that it lets you use one sim card- one cellular bill for GPS tracking, HOS, dispatch and messaging.

Mode of Operation

In addition to the WiFi, the device actively reads and reports engine diagnostics, fuel data, driver behavior and temperature data from our wireless RFTag sensors. In addition, the Piccolo Plus provides visibility into specialized, on-board equipment such as PTO status.

Built-In WiFi Hotspot

Plug & Play installation

ELD-ready for HOS Compliance

wireless sensor data

Advanced GPS Telematics Device - Piccolo Plus

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