Canadian ELD Enforcement Delayed Again, Full Implementation Now Scheduled For January 1, 2023

Canada Further delays ELD enforcement- pushing back full implementation of the ELD Mandate to January 1, 2023. 

Read the full statement released by Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) on March 7th here  

In short, the new delay is meant to ensure all affected carriers have enough time to purchase, install and familiarise themselves with ELD’s.

To learn more about the Canadian ELD Mandate and what it means, read our detailed post

You might be asking yourself What Is An Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?

Based on the Transport Canada definition, an electronic logging device is a certified, tamper-resistant device that automatically records driving time and records duty status for drivers. It is used for knowing if, when, and for how long the driver is traveling to make sure drivers stay within their daily limits and log their working hours correctly.

To stay compliant, it plugs into the ECM of the engine, capturing data to track the vehicle’s movement and distance covered. An ELD is made up of several components- the ELD tracking device that connects to the ECM port of the truck, the ELD Driver App that is installed on any Android device and the cloud based platform for the fleet manager / compliance officer.

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