Introducing Solar Powered RFID Temperature Sensors

Fleet management and tracking solutions can provide extensive data about your fleet. But if your fleet includes hundreds or thousands of trailers or assets, the ongoing man-power needed for manual maintenance, such as battery charging, can be both counter-productive and inefficient.

Ensuring smooth ongoing tracking operations can be a real challenge if your team has to start charging hundreds of devices!

Wireless Links unique and innovative – Solar Powered Active RFID Tag fully integrated with telematics is here to help you eliminate labor intensive and time consuming manual battery charging, enabling ongoing operations without interference and added overhead.

The solution is ideal for monitoring dry-van and refrigerated trailers, heavy equipment, and high-value assets and containers.

As it is fully integrated with telematics, the Solar Powered Active RFID Tag is paired with a Wireless Links Piccolo Plus telematics unit (installed on the truck) for a complete fleet management solution that combines asset tracking, fleet management, ELD and wireless temperature monitoring in a single platform.


  • Internal lithium battery with solar recharging.
  • An all-in-one scalable solution for trailers including reefers, heavy equipment, assets and containers fully integrated with telematics
  • Advanced Fleet Management Functionalities: GPS tracking, engine diagnostics, driver behavior, ELD
  • Optional external high accuracy digital temperature sensor
solar powered temperature monitoring for reefers


  • Eliminate labor intensive manual battery charging resulting in increased productivity.
  • Enable ongoing operations, eliminating the need for manual maintenance.
  • Simplify inventory and asset monitoring
  • Reduce temperature-related loss claims
  • Get critical truck-trailer operating information and maintain the location & temperature of all trailers.
  • Highly Scalable as multiple wireless temperature sensors can be installed on the roof of refrigerated trailers to monitor the temperature in different compartments. 

Case Study: Eliminating labor intensive, time consuming manual battery charging

We were approached by a meat and fish hauler from Ohio with a fleet of 200 refrigerated trailers and 10 separate compartments within each trailer. The need was for a fleet management system that can monitor the temperature and track the last location of its trailers. In addition, the fleet required an ELD solution compliant with the FMCSA mandate as they transport nationwide.

Main challenges:

  • An all-in-one solution for temperature monitoring, fleet management and compliance with the FMCSA mandate
  • Meet FSMA temperature reporting requirements without added staff, provide accurate ETA’s and prevent food spoilage.
  • Differentiate business in a competitive market
The solution provided by Wireless Links is the Piccolo Plus WiFi and Solar Powered Wireless RFID Temperature Sensor all-in-one solution.
Let’s take a look at the specific:
  • An all-in-one solution – This unique and innovative solution allows the customer to use the Piccolo Plus telematics device as a WiFi hotspot and RFID gateway, substantially reducing overall costs by using 1 SIM card per truck for all data communications and functionalities including: fleet management, temperature monitoring, trailer tracking and ELD.
  • Internal lithium battery with solar recharging– A huge concern was the maintenance overhead of having to charge over 2000 sensors. Wireless links equipped each one of the 200 reefers and 10 compartments with a solar powered wireless temperature sensor. This unique and innovative solution eliminated labor intensive time-consuming manual battery charging, enabling ongoing operations and increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Highly scalable & cost effective– the overall costs of this solution is a fraction of the cost of installing a tracking device on each asset.
  • Critical trailer and temperature information – the solution provided the customer with ongoing real-time GPS and temperature check-ins. Since the customer was hauling meat and fish, they were able to see at any given time the exact temperature of the reefer and the temperature of each of the 10 compartments within the reefer. They were also able to locate exactly where the trailers were and respond to sudden fluctuations in temperature, notifying the driver to check the reefers. By doing so, they ensured the quality of their products while meeting the FMCA requirements.


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