IOT Medical Equipment Device Tracking

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Imagine a medical service staff arriving at a scene only to find a missing EMS kit or no intravenous pumps on hand nor defibrillator.

It may seem ludicrous, but these scenarios are playing out frequently in U.S. medical service providers and hospitals large and small. Medical equipment all too often winds up lost, stolen, in short supply, or simply classified as “whereabouts unknown.” This adds up to thousands of hours in patient care delay  and millions of dollars in lost investment money of expensive equipment.

Tracking your medical equipment can help ensure that companies get to make the most of their investment in expensive equipment without worrying whether someone has stolen or misplaced important items. 

IOT Medical Equipment Device Tracking by Wireless Links is a modern approach to tracking your medical equipment. The main objective of the system is to maximize asset efficiency and minimize operational loss.

We help you do three things:

1) Organize your expensive medical equipment, tools and assets.

2) Provide medical service personnel with visibility into the equipment inventory

3) Build accountability for equipment across the company.

IOT Medical Device Tracking

The IOT Medical Device Tracking system consists of mini IoT tags and a Piccolo device that functions as an IoT Gateway, processing and forwarding the IoT data to the server where all data can be viewed.

The mini IoT tags are coin sized.

The Piccolo device can be installed in every room of the hospital or hallway or in the ambulance for added fleet management capabilities.

If for example we would like to track an ambulances medical assets this is how it will work:

  • A Piccolo STX or Plus is plugged in via a plug and play harness to the ECM.
  • Mini IoT Tags are placed on each piece of high value medical equipment like respirator, bed, etc.
  • When equipment is dropped off at a hospital, the location and time of drop off are recorded and can be reviewed on the server.
  • If an item is left behind once the ambulance starts moving, drivers are alerted of missing assets via SMS message to their smart phone/tablet

Fleet Management Functionalities

For an all around system including fleet management, the Piccolo device provides fleet management functionalities of the ambulance such as:

  • Track locations of vehicles
  • Monitor drivers’ travel speeds, acceleration and deceleration rates
  • Door openings/closings
  • Temperature – monitor temperature of temperature sensitive equipment. track the temperature of a compartement inside the ambulance in real time. Set an alert that notifies you and the driver if the temperature in the cold storage started to exceed a certain level, enabling your driver to pull over and check out the cargo load before the shipment becomes compromised.
  • Pull accurate, timely, and actionable data that can be used for decision making
  • Geofencing- set up boundaries for areas in which your assets are operating or are stored. If any assets leave those pre-designated areas, you will receive an alert informing you about the movement.
  • Dashboard cameras– connect our Dual Facing Full HD 1080p Smart Dash Cam to the system to automatically upload driver violation footage to the cloud view on-demand live view and historical video footage. Driving violations are stored and labeled for easy access.

Speak with one of Wireless Links experts today to learn more about how you can protect your medical equipment assets with an asset tracking system.

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