Introducing: DriverLink, A Temperature Monitoring & Alerting App For Drivers

Today, Wireless Links is excited to announce our latest Driver App, complimenting our temperature monitoring solution, which makes it easier than ever to guarantee and verify product integrity and reduce temperature-related losses. For companies that transport temperature-sensitive goods, strict adherence to precise temperature controls is crucial for ensuring product quality.

Our latest release, the all new app for drivers temperature control & alerts , offers our customers greater control and visibility over their in-transit temperature sensitive deliveries, allowing their drivers to take action and prevent product spoilage. It is now available for download on Android.

This new app was born out of our passion for continued innovation and our constant aspiration to meet our growing customer demands. It is a natural extension of Wireless links commitment to giving our customers live visibility into their operations.

The All New Temperature Monitoring and Alert app allows you to:

– Control In-Transit Temperature Sensitive Deliveries

– Prevent Product Spoilage 

– Gain Better Cold Chain Visibility


Control In-Transit Temperature Sensitive Deliveries

Your driver is now able to view real-time and historical temperature recordings for all the goods he is transporting. All recordings include row by row breakdowns of temperature, location, date and time. This not only assists the driver but also makes it simpler than ever to comply with FSMA requirements for historical temperature reporting.



Prevent Product Spoilage

Automatic temperature alerts notify the driver in real-time of any temperature deviations so he can take swift action and prevent spoilage when a need occurs. All alerts include the address, time, vehicle or vehicle compartment and the temperature deviation data.



Gain Better Cold Chain Visibility

Your drivers can now add comments on each alert, giving your dispatcher even further visibility and context on how the alert was generated and handled. This makes it even easier to identify, investigate, and resolve cold chain abnormalities.


Part of an Integrated, Growing Platform

The temperature monitoring app for drivers for real-time cold chain temperature visibility is part of our integrated platform for cold chain temperature monitoring:

  • A single system for visibility, safety, compliance and efficiency
  • Modern and easy to use
  • Installs in <15 minutes and connects seamlessly with wireless sensors: temperature and door
  • New features added regularly, at no additional cost

If you are not yet a WLI customer but want to see how our solutions can help you better manage and control your fleet get in touch to request a free trial.

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