How To Prepare For Student Transportation

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has upended everyday social interaction. New social distancing guidelines have been put in place in order to limit exposure to COVID-19. and to stop the spread of the virus. 

When schools reopen in the fall, social distancing will play a strong part of children’s everyday life. As recently as yesterday the CDC published new guidelines for schools and school transport which include an emphasis on social distancing. They recommend “increased distance between students on the bus by seating one student per row in every other row of seats when possible”.


Enforcing these recommendations during student transport is hugely challenging. Transportation directors need to be able to see what is happening in the bus at all times and must have a log of each student on every bus. 

Most schools already run paper logs of their student transport operation. But now, with growing uncertainty paper documents can cause unnecessary delays to your operations.

To help with your student transport, consider digitizing the entire operation. Wireless Links offers a unique comprehensive solution for managing the daily school bus operation. The solution provides fleet management for school buses including GPS tracking, engine diagnostic and driver behavior, all integrated with RFID technology for student monitoring.


Watch the video below about our solution and read the insight in the article below:

RFID Based student tracking

IOT RFID student tracking school bus trackingEach student is equipped with a passive or active RFID tag, which provides for an automated log of each student, allowing you to easily track attendance and account when and where each student got on and off the bus. 

Transportation directors have instant access to reports summarizing the daily operation including reports of students ID’s that boarded and got off the bus showing location and time of event and a summary of students who boarded every bus during the AM and PM route. 

In case of an additional COVID-19 outbreak, this insight aids with ‘contact tracing’ allowing transportation directors to locate exactly where the person was at all times and which students came in contact with him. This way, instead of closing the entire school, only the students who came in contact with the person can be alerted and quarantined.

Parent App

One element of the coronavirus pandemic is that we could see less ridership if parents aren’t comfortable allowing their children to ride buses. 

To help parents stay calm and connected, consider the parent app. With the Wireless Links Dedicated ParentLink app, parents can:

-see real-time bus location

-receive real-time notifications where and when their child boards the bus

-receive real-time alerts 

-view historical ridership data. 

The revolutionary ParentLink App will greatly reduce parent calls and inquires to your transportation office as it empowers parents to securely track their child’s bus location from their smartphone.

Enforce Social Distancing Inside Bus

To enable social distancing recommendations to be fully enforced, directors of transportation need to actually see what is going on in the bus. 

Consider implementing a dash cam solution

Wireless links dash cam solution goes beyond a basic dashboard camera. Not only is it integrated with our fleet management system, providing you with a complete fleet-safety solution, you have the ability to add interior and exterior cameras so you can see what is happening in and around the bus at all times. Event based footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud with on-demand live view and historical video footage. 

student transportation post covid19

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