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How to overcome product damage and spoilage in pharmaceutical shipments

According to the most recent study by UPS on the supply chain issues for the healthcare industry , more than 30% of companies reported that their pharmaceutical shipments resulted in product damage and spoilage. For decision makers, product damage and spoilage is a huge concern as this adds up to a fortune in lost revenue and could have been avoided unwanted expenses.

On the other hand, for those healthcare companies that did report success in addressing product damage and spoilage, the top reasons for success cited were:

  • Partnering with higher-quality carriers
  • Using faster shipping service levels
  • Using temperature-monitoring devices

While the first two reasons are completely out of our scope of work, we can help you with the third.

More than 30% of healthcare companies reported that their pharmaceutical shipments resulted in product damage and spoilage

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Links provides the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics market with the Piccolo TMX, an innovative wireless temperature monitoring solution to overcome this challenge.

wireless temp monitoring

Simply place the device inside the package to start monitoring temperature and GPS location.

The device sends immediate alerts on out-of-range temperature change to both the driver and the dispatcher so immediate action could be taken and spoilage can be avoided as quickly as possible. Watch the short explanatory video below to see the solution in action:


Real-time location and temperature tracking of valuable perishable goods inside pallets, cargo, parcels ,trailers or shipping containers.

Gain 24/7 visibility & control into the location and temperature status of all their perishable goods, while drastically cutting the risk of spoilage and asset damage.

Packaged in an IP67 waterproof enclosure with integrated GPS and cellular antennas & equipped with a rechargeable lithium back up battery with an extremely long battery life and an external digital temperature sensor with +/- 0.5˚ C, +/- 0.9˚F accuracy.

Automated alarms enable rapid response to equipment malfunctions and other critical conditions that could jeopardize valuable perishable shipments.

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