How To Find the Perfect GPS Tracker For Your Trailers

Do you feel that you’re in the dark once your trailers are left at job sites waiting to be unloaded & reloaded or leased out for months at a time?

If so, you’re not alone. Day after day , our customers  in the trucking, distribution and rental industries tell us that they struggle to , protect their trailers from theft & gain visibility on their trailers left at job sites when waiting to be unloaded & reloaded.

Wireless Links decided to tackle this issue head on. Our trailer tracking solution provides you with the visibility and peace of mind that you need when tracking your trailers and puts you in control.

With a unique functionality of operating as a real-time GPS tracker when tethered to power (to the truck) and as an asset tracker with a battery life of up to 5 years once trailers are detached and parked for long periods of time, Wireless Links’ trailer tracking solution helps businesses:

1. Get the security and assurance that trailers are safe by knowing exactly where and for how long they have been parked and when they have been loaded and reloaded.

2. Generate more revenue by billing based on time-on-site and identifying unused trailers.

3. Rapidly Respond to Theft by sending alerts when a trailer leaves its intended location or detects unauthorized vibrations/motions.

4. Manage refrigeration with external temperature sensors by sending automatic e-mail/SMS alerts as soon as temperature deviations occur.

5. Stay ELD compliant with Wireless Links’ industry leading DriverLog ELD, part of a complete solution for fleets of all types and sizes.


How to Solve Trailer Tracking Challenges

Driver route, driver breaks, trailer theft, maintenance, visibility-  these are the major challenges fleet and operation managers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis with their trailers. If you can relate, you know the importance of having to integrate a dedicated trailer tracking solution.

Trailer tracking differs from vehicle tracking primarily because the trailer is regularly and often hooked and unhooked to numerous tractor cabins, therefore requiring a dedicated solution.

The Piccolo Hybrid+ GPS tracker for trailers addresses the challenges of trailer tracking with each one of its features.

  • To fight theft, you are able set a geofence boundary radius and get alerts upon exit/entrance of boundary. You can even set a boundary within a boundary! You also get alerts once vibration/motion is detected.  And alarms for loaded or unloaded, door open/close and engine on/off.

Geofence boundary for fleet management


  • To improve trailer routes with rich reports and route visualizations. You have the ability to zoom in on any GPS position along route, and at a glance know the speed and direction they were moving in.


  • For fleet safety, you have driver behavior features that let you track sudden brakes, turns, stops and speeding

Customer Examples

One of our customers uses our Piccolo Hybrid+ GPS Tracker for trailers to track their refrigerated trailers when they are left at supermarkets waiting to be unloaded and reloaded. They use the device’s advanced functionality to know the exact temperature of the refrigerated trailer at any given time, and they use door open/close alerts to know exactly when the cargo is being unloaded and reloaded.

Another customer drastically increased customer service with route history reports as they could on the spot zoom in on any GPS position along the trailer’s route, and at a glance know the speed and direction the trailer was moving at. Knowing this vital information helped them provide accurate responses to their customers questions.


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